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Funds movement
Receive bank transfers to Global Accounts
Bank transfer deposit statusesSimulate deposits to your Global AccountRetrieve your deposits
Add funds via direct debits from Linked Accounts
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Authorize direct debit payouts
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Receive bank transfers to Global Accounts

Global Accounts enable you to receive bank transfers via local payment methods and/or SWIFT from you, your customers, other parties and various platforms such as Amazon and Google.

Receive deposits

As a first step, you must have your Global Account details ready. See Get started for how to create a Global Account and retrieve account details.

To collect funds from your own bank account or from third parties, simply initiate bank tranfers into your Global Account using the retrieved bank account details.

Review status codes to track status transitions when deposits are credited into your Wallet.

Simulate deposits

Airwallex provides a simulation API, Create a global account deposit API, to create a production-like deposit into your Global Accounts in the demo environment. The status of deposit can be SETTLED, PENDING, or REJECTED. See Simulate deposits to your Global Account.

Retrieve deposits

You can retrieve transaction details for deposits made to your Wallet via bank transfers. For more information, see Retrieve your deposits.

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