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Convert Wallet balances

Your multi-currency Wallet (“the Wallet”) issued against your Airwallex account maintains all the funds that are available for use. These funds are physically held by Airwallex and safeguarded securely with our network of global banking partners. You can also manage your connected accounts’ Wallets on their behalf.

A Wallet's balance is organized by currency and balance type. A given currency’s available balance pools all the funds you have with Airwallex from different sources in that currency. For example, you might receive funds in AUD via different Global Accounts; all those funds will be settled into your Wallet and added to your AUD balance.

Our FX conversions services readily integrate with your platform to give your customers control over the timing, denomination, and amount of funds converted. Powered by our FX Engine, we provide real-time access to wholesale interbank rates for users, allowing them to access a variety of FX products as required by business models. Whether it is to protect e-commerce platforms against adverse FX movements when holding FX rates for international buyers while they shop online, or to empower online travel agencies to offer “guaranteed 24 hours rates” when customers book their holiday packages, our FX solutions powered by the FX Engine is designed to meet these needs.

As a platform, currency conversion may be triggered in two ways:

Convert funds within the Wallet

Example request

Convert funds on behalf of the connected account

You can simply use the same conversion code and add the x-on-behalf-of request header.