Airwallex for businesses operating in Ukraine

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Airwallex for businesses operating in Ukraine
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The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has disrupted many businesses and employees. As a result, there may be difficulties in transferring and accessing money in Ukraine.

Airwallex offers an easy way for these businesses to continue to make payments globally and issue virtual and digital Visa debit cards, with the ability to add these cards to Apple Pay or Google Pay, in a bid to support their employees, contractors and operations located within Ukraine. 

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If you run a business with operations in Ukraine, or have employees or contractors based in Ukraine, we may be able to help. With Airwallex, you can set up a borderless business account and debit card, with support for EUR, GBP, USD, and other currencies to enable fast, easy transactions at low fees. Read the full list of currencies we support here.

Reach out to us here to find out if our solution is right for you.

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