FX comparison disclaimer

FX Savings Comparison Our FX price comparison is based on comparing quoted Airwallex FX rates against publicly published FX rates available on reputable publicly available FX comparison websites.

What price do we compare? We compare savings based on FX margins for the USD/EUR currency pair. An FX margin is the difference between the rate quoted to you and the interbank rate, that is the rate that the bank / financial institution buys the currency. Banks may charge a transaction fee for each international transaction processed. Airwallex does not charge transaction fees for international transfers except for payments made via the SWIFT network, which may incur transaction fees from $10 USD. We have excluded any transaction fees from our analysis as the type and number of payments may differ from client to client.

How do we work out the savings? We collect the published USD / EUR rate from reputable FX comparison websites during the prior 30-day period, excluding all public holidays and weekends. After which, we calculate the “U.S. bank average” USD / EUR FX rate over the same time period, which is then compared against Airwallex’s USD / EUR FX rates over such a period, which is set at our interbank rate plus a 0.4% FX margin.

Please note that the potential savings are estimates only as the rates are illustrative and subject to change throughout the day. The actual rate will be the prevailing rate for your type of transaction at the time it is processed by Airwallex.

FX Cost Comparison Our FX fee estimates are based on comparing quoted Airwallex FX rates against published FX rates available on each company’s website, or if not available on such website, on leading publicly available foreign exchange comparison sites on a certain date and time, published in USD.

What this means for you? Airwallex is committed to transparency and will be upfront about our fees and FX margins. We developed this simple calculator to increase the level of transparency by comparing FX rates, so businesses can be aware of potential savings that Airwallex can offer.

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