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TradeBridge is a FinTech which offers multi-currency funding to businesses in the ecommerce, healthcare and corporate sectors.



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10 - 50 employees


United Kingdom, France, Singapore, China, Australia

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TradeBridge, a FinTech founded by Olivier Bonavero, Mark Coxhead and Mark Spiteri, offers multi-currency funding to businesses in the ecommerce, healthcare and corporate sectors. 

Using whole-business trading data to accurately assess the strength of each organisation they work with, TradeBridge offers loan facilities that are perfectly tailored to their clients.  

TradeBridge needed an end-to-end digital payment solution which would allow them to transfer funds efficiently to clients, collect repayments directly from ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and PayPal, and track sales data in real-time.

With the Airwallex integration in place, TradeBridge can deliver funds fast in their clients’ local currency, collect multi-currency repayments from eCommerce platforms straight into a shared wallet, and view client sales data across platforms instantly.

Mark Coxhead

CEO and Co-Founder, TradeBridge

“The integration time was exceptionally good. What was great was how responsive the engineering team were. This is one of the first times we’ve worked with a provider and the time to get live has been as short as we were promised.”

How is TradeBridge using Airwallex?

TradeBridge have embedded Airwallex technology into their platform to create multi-currency digital wallets for each client they work with. These wallets are accessible to both TradeBridge and their clients. 

Using the wallet, TradeBridge can deliver funds to their clients fast and collect repayments directly after funds have settled from external sources such as Amazon, PayPal, or another PSP (payment service provider). 

They can also track client receivables across currencies and platforms and adjust each client’s facility based on accurate sales data. This means their finance products can be more flexible, bigger in size and easier to use in functionality.

TradeBridge clients can pay out to suppliers directly from their multi-currency wallet, or transfer funds to an external bank account if preferred.

A diagram of the TradeBridge x Airwallex integration.

Mark Coxhead

CEO and Co-Founder, TradeBridge

“What we want to offer is a holistic product that is suitable for globally ambitious ecommerce businesses. In order to do that, we need to be able to deal globally with those clients, and that’s where Airwallex comes in. Into one global business account we can receive our repayments in a way that meets the requirements of the different marketplaces.”

Building a modern financial infrastructure


TradeBridge needed a payment solution which would allow funds to be delivered to clients efficiently, in multiple currencies, without hidden costs. 

TradeBridge wanted to provide a business-focussed service which would allow clients to access funds immediately, convert those funds to their preferred currency and use them, without waiting days for a bank transfer. 

TradeBridge needed a way to collect repayments directly from clients via ecommerce platforms like Amazon and PayPal, and other PSPs. This was especially important because some platforms do not allow merchants to pay out to third-party bank accounts.


The Airwallex integration allows TradeBridge to create multi-currency wallets for each client. The wallets enable TradeBridge to deliver funds in the client’s preferred currency quickly, without hidden transfer fees. 

TradeBridge can collect multi-currency repayments directly from marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopify and PayPal into the wallet. Clients can also use Airwallex or their preferred PSP to settle funds directly from their ecommerce website into their wallet. 

With Airwallex’s API, TradgeBridge can view client receivables instantly from one centralised account. This means they can unlock additional funding for clients based on real-time sales data across multiple ecommerce platforms and currencies. 

Intuitive funding for today’s businesses 

The TradeBridge founders created their company to provide financial products that meet the needs of modern businesses. 

Whilst some providers shoehorn clients into facilities that aren’t built for them, TradgeBridge develops products that are perfectly tailored to the sectors they cater to. Key to that is finding the right technology to underpin their financial infrastructure, which is where Airwallex comes in.

Mark Coxhead

CEO and Co-Founder, TradeBridge

“We seek to provide products that are fit for the markets we serve, with all of the tools that are available to us. The digital infrastructure that companies like Airwallex provide enables us to build really great products for clients.”

Empowering businesses to grow exponentially

Airwallex helps businesses like TradeBridge provide the best service to their clients, and grow their business without limitations. 

With a great product in place and years of expertise in the sectors they serve, the next step for Mark and the TradeBridge team is further expanding their global footprint.

Airwallex’s financial infrastructure, multi-currency wallets and flexible FX capabilities will allow TradeBridge to unlock new markets across Europe, Asia and the US.  

“Companies like Airwallex give online businesses the chance to be global players in a way that would have been too difficult before,” says Mark. “The global platform allows us to take our product to the world.”

Jed Rose, GM, Airwallex EMEA says: “TradeBridge provides crucial financing to businesses across a range of sectors, and leverages technology to ensure their products meet the needs of modern businesses. Airwallex is delighted to partner with TradeBridge, and to have assisted in building the financial infrastructure that will help them and their clients on the path to international success.” 

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