Crockd takes their at-home pottery experiences global with Airwallex

How Crockd expanded their at-home pottery experiences into the AU, NZ and US within 6 months of launching with Airwallex.

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$1,280 saved*

each month on foreign currency transactions

4+ hours

saved each week from simplified processes

30% faster

issue resolution with proactive notifications

Crockd provides at-home pottery experiences specifically designed to help teams, families and friends connect through meaningful conversation.




Gold Coast, Australia

Company Size

10 - 20

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Global Accounts
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The challenge

From the start, Andrew and Rosa built Crockd with global scale in mind. They needed systems that could scale with them to handle thousands of global customers a month.

Crockd knew they needed a scalable business account that allowed them to transact globally. All the while being simple, cost-effective and could 'plug and play' into the rest of their systems.

When they discovered Airwallex, the founders knew they had found a business account that could keep up with their ambition of global scale. They signed up with Airwallex even before they had their domestic bank account set up.

How Airwallex enabled Crockd to scale from zero to 7 figures in 6 months

Created a scalable and frictionless system to manage money globally

Within 24 hours, they had Australian and US accounts, with multi-currency virtual cards to manage their SaaS spend. Crockd could now transact in all the major currencies in one place, with automated multi-currency reconciliation with their Xero accounts.

“Airwallex has made managing our money frictionless so that we can spend less time on the back-end that doesn’t add any value to our customer. Instead, we can focus on delivering a better customer experience at a global scale,” said Andrew.

Airwallex's Xero integration gave the team hourly pulse checks on their global cash flow. This allowed the team to make fast, data-driven decisions. The team received proactive email notifications on payment issues that allowed faster resolution with their suppliers. This minimised any negative impact on their customer experience.

Andrew Ford and Rosa-Claire Willis

Founders, Crockd

“Airwallex has allowed us to get things done at ten times the speed it used to happen. It means we could spend more time on our brand, our website and the customer experience. That’s what helped us to grow so much in a short span of time. These solutions just didn’t exist a few years ago.”

Accelerated US expansion with US global accounts

“We can either grow our business by focusing on the same market and create new products, or take the same product to new markets. Our systems have made it easy for us to grow into new markets,” said Rosa-Claire.

The team's scalable eCommerce tech stack allowed them to launch in the USA within 3 weeks of planning their expansion. Airwallex's US Global Accounts was set up and connected to their PayPal account in minutes. Crockd could now cost-effectively accept, collect and hold their USD revenues.

Saved over $1,280 and 16 hours each month with batch international payments

Crockd pays their USD supplier and SaaS expenses directly with their USD revenues with no additional transaction fees. This eliminates unnecessary and expensive conversions. Crockd also saves hours each week with batch payments for their payroll and recurring supplier payments.

*approximate conversion from original currency (AUD)

About Crockd

In late 2019, Andrew Ford and Rosa-Clare Willis were working in technology start-ups based out of Gold Coast, Australia. They felt burnt out and wanted a way to disconnect from technology. The founders saw a unique opportunity to help people connect over meaningful conversations through pottery, and so Crockd was born.

Crockd provides at-home pottery experiences specifically designed to help teams, families and friends connect through meaningful conversation.

Today, Crockd has expanded beyond Australia, sharing their unique at-home pottery kit experiences to the United States and New Zealand.

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