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Get paid faster with Payment Links

Accept one-time or recurring payments from your customers in their preferred currency, wherever they are in the world – no coding required.

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A better global payments experience for all

Payment Links make it simple for you to securely get paid from customers around the world, regardless of your business model. Enjoy flexibility in everything from the customer information you collect to how long your links remain live.

Reach new global customers

Accept payments from customers in 180+ countries and regions through a variety of payment methods, including popular local options.

Safeguard against fraud

Payment Links come equipped with 3D secure authentication, giving you added protection from fraudsters.

Avoid costly forced conversion fees

Use Airwallex Global Accounts to collect foreign currency payments and eliminate unnecessary conversion fees.

Connect to your accounting software

Embed Payment Links directly into invoices created by your accounting software and automate reconciliation.

payment links

Accept payments in just 3 simple steps


Generate your link

Create a secure one-time or reusable Payment Link directly in Airwallex. Download a corresponding QR code if needed.


Share your link

Share your Payment Link or QR code via email, social media, SMS, and more, or embed it into your invoices alongside your branding.


Get paid

Track your payments within Airwallex and get notified by email when you receive a successful payment.


Configure Payment Links to fit your business

Create one-time or reusable links

Generate a secure link that’s valid for a single payment, or make it reusable to collect recurring payments.

Collect the information you need

Collect only essential information like name and email or add more fields like shipping address and phone number.

Choose who sets the payment amount

Send Payment Links for specific amounts or leave it open for customers to choose how much they’ll pay.

Tailor your surcharges

Opt to add specific surcharge percentages based on the form of payment chosen.

Airwallex Testimony

“We have contractors based in China, the US, and Europe, and our Airwallex Global Account enables us to make global payments from one simple portal. Having Airwallex as our global trusted partner means we can spend less time on the phone to the bank, and more time instead focusing on growing our business both domestically and internationally.”

Richard Li

Co-founder & CEO, July

Airwallex Testimony

“Our partnership with Airwallex opens up an exciting dimension around approvals and payments. ApprovalMax is thrilled to integrate with Airwallex – our focus is on enhancing the customer experience so it’s easy, frictionless, and convenient all the way through.”

Helmut Heptner

Co-Founder and Director of Operations, ApprovalMax

Airwallex Testimony

“Airwallex is our one-stop shop for all our banking needs, in one easy-to-use interface. Without Airwallex, we would not have been able to scale our business as fast as what we’ve been able to achieve.”

Andrew Ford and Rosa-Clare Willis

Co-founders, Crockd – eCommerce

Airwallex Testimony

“Airwallex has been a game changer for us. I cannot recommend these guys enough. The forex services are super efficient and super competitive. The customer service is not gold-plated, it's solid gold. One of the best eCommerce services for merchants we have come across since PayPal hit the scene 20 years ago."

Murray Kester

CEO, Cosmetics Now – eCommerce


Create Payment Links at scale with our API

Use our Payment Links API to generate a Payment Link every time a new order comes through, a new invoice gets sent out, or whenever you email a new customer. Plus, easily create Payment Links in bulk when required.

Frequently asked questions

What is an online payment link?

An online payment link is a simple, easy-to-share link you can provide to domestic and international customers so that they can pay you instantly. Your customers can choose from multiple payment methods, including credit and debit cards and a variety of popular local non-card options. Airwallex Payment Links enable you to accept one-time or recurring payments without having to write a single line of code. Plus, you'll enjoy flexibility in everything from the customer information you collect to how long your links remain live.

How do I create a payment link online?

With Airwallex, you can generate one-time and reusable payment links or QR codes that support local and international payments in just three steps. Create and configure your Payment Link directly in Airwallex, share your link, and get paid - it's as simple as that. You can easily track your payments within Airwallex and get notified by email when you receive a successful payment.

How do I know if my payment link is secure?

Airwallex offers a fully-integrated 3D Secure solution that makes online payment links safer by recognising and verifying cardholders against the issuing bank. With 3D Secure, you can enjoy a frictionless payment experience, while reducing the risk of transaction disputes and fraudulent payments.

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