June Partner Spotlight: First Choice Consulting, Billo, YLT Translations, and Channel Key

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June Partner Spotlight: First Choice Consulting, Billo, YLT Translations, and Channel Key
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It takes a village to build a business. Your brand is more than your product or service—it’s the sum of everything that brings it to life. At Airwallex, we know that our partners make us all the better—which is why we’re spotlighting a select few each month. Read on for June’s dose:


Billo equips brands with two of today’s most powerful marketing tools: human connection and digital reach. Its platform features countless user-generated content (UGC) creators, who produce “made-to-order” short-form videos—including ads, reviews, and other promotional content—that can be uploaded onto TikTok, Instagram, Amazon, Shopify, and elsewhere.

Channel Key

A full-service Amazon account management and advertising agency, Channel Key helps eCommerce businesses make the most of their Amazon storefront. Services include strategic business consulting, advertising and analytics, SEO and content optimization, brand protection, sales and inventory forecasting, pricing strategy, compliance, and more. 

First Choice Consulting

First Choice Consulting helps Latin American entrepreneurs and other non-U.S. residents build companies in the United States. Its extensive offerings—traditional and virtual banking assistance, financial consulting, investor acquisition, in-house legal counsel, accounting and taxes, and more—enable a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

YLT Translations

For Amazon sellers looking to break into international markets, YLT Translations is a godsend. Beyond translations by native experts, the company provides custom keyword research and A9 algorithm optimization technology for each marketplace. Poorly executed translations are often a liability, eating away at brand credibility; YLT Translations, on the other hand, turns your words into an asset.

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