July Partner Spotlight: Clayton & McKervey, 8Fig

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July Partner Spotlight: Clayton & McKervey, 8Fig
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It takes a village to build a business. Your brand is more than your product or service—it’s the sum of everything that brings it to life. At Airwallex, we believe the right partners elevate your products and services in new, unexpected ways. Let’s dive into July’s spotlight:

Clayton & McKervey

Are you a closely held business looking to scale your international footprint?

Get to know Clayton & McKervey, a Detroit-based CPA firm that helps clients drive performance, revenue, and growth across the globe. Specializing in industrial automation, manufacturing and distribution, and architecture and engineering, Clayton & McKervey opens new doors for expansion, whether you’re looking to establish subsidiaries within the U.S., international entities abroad, or something else.

How, exactly? Its services—tax planning and preparation, audit and assurance, accounting, data analytics, sales, and wealth management—address a wide range of growing pains, both common and unique. Equipped with focused expertise and technology, Clayton & McKervey approaches each service area with personalized care and tailored strategy—a winning combination for today’s most promising and ambitious businesses.

Visit Clayton & McKervey online.


For online businesses, the right guidance can make all the difference (along with a steady stream of capital, of course).

Enter 8Fig—a financing partner that works with up-and-coming eCommerce businesses, providing funding and other resources for supply chain mapping, cash flow management, and more. (“You’re an 8-figure seller in the making,” its website declares.)

A departure from traditional venture capital, 8Fig isn’t interested in equity: instead, it offers funding tied to “Growth Plans,” or scalability strategies designed for each business. The result? Streamlined supply chain management, strategic forecasting, a continuous stream of capital, and CFO-level operations.

Curious to know if you’d be a good fit? Qualifying eCommerce sellers 1) have been operational for at least 12 months, 2) bring in $100,000 or more in annual revenue, and 3) have brought in an average monthly revenue of $8,000 or more over the last 3 months.

Learn more on 8Fig’s website

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