Solutions from Airwallex that support SMBs

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Solutions from Airwallex that support SMBs
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  • How does Airwallex support SMBs needing accounts?

With more and more companies changing their business models, it’s tough to know which platforms serve small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and which focus more on larger operations. 

In some cases, fintech platforms will change their model entirely from serving SMBs to only larger operations. But where does this leave the SMBs?

SMBs with closed accounts have to find new platforms capable of servicing their needs. Let’s take a look at how Airwallex actively supports its SMB clients via online banking.

How does Airwallex support SMBs needing accounts?

Airwallex supports both SMBs and larger operations via banking in several ways. Here are some ways we actively support our clients and customers. 

Global accounts

Airwallex offers Global Business Accounts for SMBs in various countries. Rather than visiting physical bank branches, Airwallex clients can collect and send payments online in preferred currencies. 

Our multi-currency accounts are compatible with 11 different currencies, making it easier than ever to operate on a global level. 

Borderless cards

Airwallex also offers Borderless Cards for SMBs to make worldwide transactions. Our virtual visa cards have zero international fees and 1% cashback on all domestic transactions. 

They’re specifically designed for multi-currency needs by facilitating transactions in more than 170 currencies. Plus, they allow smoother, simpler transactions for both business owners and their employees. 

Here’s a closer glimpse of their benefits:

  • Free cards for employees: Issue them in a matter of minutes with physical cards on the horizon.

  • Save money on global expenses: Enjoy no to minimal transaction fees and market-beating interbank foreign exchange (FX) rates. 

  • Control over your budget: Track spending in real time with monthly or overall limits so you stay within your budget.

Expense management 

Our new expense management system is an end-to-end solution to better handle your money. 

You can easily upload receipts for approval, reconcile expenses in one place, and benefit from real-time monitoring over spending. You can even control spending before it happens, whether for subscription renewals, team events, or something else.

Payment links, transfers, and FX

Airwallex provides the ability to transfer and receive money in more than 30 currencies. When you create a payment link, you can share it with customers regardless of the country they’re located in. 

We offer the lowest interbank FX rates that compete with current market rates. We make it easy to get paid in the method and currency of your or your customer’s choice in the most cost-effective way possible. 

For early access to our payment link opportunities, join our waitlist.

Xero integration

If you’re looking to sharpen up your bookkeeping, take advantage of our Xero integration

Xero is the world’s leading bookkeeping and accounting platform that we partner closely with. You can automatically sync all your domestic and international transactions into Xero to ensure your numbers remain accurate, up to date, and all in one place. 


We put our customers first at Airwallex, which is why we make an effort to partner with innovative fintech businesses to make sure their needs are met.

Whether you want to broaden your talent pool with internal hires using Oyster, secure capital eCommerce funding through 8fig, or grow your brand with better Amazon advertising with Incrementum — we have plenty of partners that can serve your SMB.

But first, you need an Airwallex Global Business Account to set your business on a path for success. 

If you’re ready to better manage, collect and receive money related to your business operations, sign up with Airwallex today. 

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