Multi-currency travel payments on one global platform

Boost bookings from travellers and pay global travel suppliers with more speed and transparency than with traditional banks.

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Run financial operations efficiently

Spend fewer hours on managing the complexity of multi-currency flows in and out of your business

Earn new lines of revenue

Turn supplier payments into revenue via virtual cards and interchange

Grow into new markets with ease

Enable customers to book their preferred currencies and payment methods

Optimise and reduce FX risk

Operate in multiple currencies without having to convert funds and access leading rates when you need to

Global payments and financial operations for:

Travel Agencies & Booking Sites

Receive multi-currency payments from international travellers while paying out to global suppliers and collecting commissions.

Tour Operators & Destination Management Companies

Pay on-the-ground travel partners across the world and collect your fees in your client’s preferred currencies.

Corporate Travel

Streamline B2B payments for hotels, flights, and other travel spend for your clients globally and offer a branded corporate T&E card.

Hotels & Airlines

Create a globally-optimised online checkout experience in multiple currencies and with local payment methods.

The all-in-one travel payment solution, from customer bookings to supplier payments

Enable a globally optimized experience to accept payments from travelers while gaining speed and accuracy when paying hotels, tour operators, and hosts around the world. Manage your entire business from the Airwallex app or scale your financial operations via API.


countries supported with local accounts


countries to which you can make local transfers


countries from which you can accept payments globally


global payments processed annually


Pay global travel suppliers fast and efficiently

Pay via virtual cards for secure payments globally

Issue virtual cards across multiple geographies using one API and fund directly from multi-currency balances to save on FX.

Issuing >

Access flexible interchange models and dedicated Travel BINs

Select from variable interchange rates to increase acceptance and access dedicated Travel BINs for premium rebates.

How Issuing Works >

Pay your global supplier base via bank transfer from one platform

For suppliers that don’t accept cards, send transfers without the cost and hassle of traditional, fragmented banking.

Payouts >

Reduce risk of fraud when paying suppliers

Set specific card limits, expiry dates, and MCC controls to reduce fraud and ensure funds are used appropriately.

Card Controls >
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Boost bookings with a globally optimised payment experience

Price in your customers’ preferred currencies

Attract more international travellers with automatic multi-currency processing and over 160 local payment methods.

Payments API >

Leverage no-code to start accepting payments quickly

Embed no-code payment links for customers to book their trip, connect Airwallex with your eCommerce platform, or build fully customizable checkouts via API.

Payment Links & Plugins >

Get paid via bank transfer and avoid unnecessary FX conversion

Open Global Accounts to collect funds in 20+ currencies without having to later convert to your home currency.

Global Accounts >

Enable travel marketplace transactions

Collect payments from customers and payout to hosts, airlines, and hotels globally after deducting your platform fees.

Payments for Platforms >
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Manage employee spend and accounts payable globally

Issue corporate and employee cards

Issue multi-currency cards to staff located in each of your markets for T&E or for business expenses such as ad spend.

Borderless Cards >

Make expense reports a breeze for employees and finance teams

Enable staff to upload receipts on the go and approve and track all card or reimbursement expenses from one dashboard.

Expense Management >

Track, approve, and pay invoices globally

Enable finance teams to upload invoices, send for approval, pay in multiple currencies, and reconcile with your accounting stack.

Bill Pay >
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WeSki boosted its bottom line through efficient payment infrastructure

The Challenge

The online platform is disrupting the ski travel industry with its online platform that allows skiers and snowboarders to discover, plan and book personalized ski holidays. The business faced challenges with efficiently collecting payments in multiple currencies from customers around the world. It was also getting complicated for them to handle payments to their ever-growing network of suppliers across various payment methods and terms. Their reliance on traditional banking solutions to manage international payments was proving to be costly and complex.

The Solution

Partnering with Airwallex has enabled WeSki to optimize multiple elements of their financial infrastructure using a single platform. WeSki now easily accepts funds from Braintree, a PayPal service, using Airwallex Global Accounts which allows them to efficiently manage multiple currencies and enjoy lower transaction costs. Airwallex also enables them to make fast, cost-effective international transfers at market-leading rates. Using virtual company cards, WeSki can now pay suppliers in minutes, directly from their held balances, while eliminating unnecessary FX conversion fees and surprise foreign transaction fees. By partnering with Airwallex, WeSki has been able to improve scalability, reduce operational costs and consequently boost their margins.

Helping Plum build a borderless stock investing feature

The Challenge

Plum wanted to minimise FX fees for customers when trading international stocks. They needed a solution which would allow for inexpensive multi-currency exchange and direct integration with US clearing brokers. They also needed a partner that could work quickly and facilitate a fast go-to-market for their new stock investing feature.

The Solution

Plum built Airwallex’s multi-currency payment acceptance and low FX rate into their platform. That means when Plum clients trade stocks from international companies, they can be sure they’re always getting the best exchange rate. With the Airwallex solution in place, Plum can collect, hold and convert funds in multiple currencies with access to the interbank FX rate. Additionally, 24/7 FX settlement allows for FX rates outside of market hours, Quotes adds more stability to lock in rates, and Post Fund FX reduces the settlement risk for brokers. The Airwallex integration will help Plum minimise the cost of international investment and deliver on their promise to make their customer’s money go further.

Navan streamlines global reimbursements

The Challenge

Navan delivers one of the first enterprise technologies utilizing the cloud, mobile, and AI to balance business needs with today's modern standards. Their corporate travel and expense solution allows users to easily book, view, and manage business travel and expenses. For Navan’s reimbursement offering, they needed a global partner who could help them manage and accelerate their global payouts to their customers’ employees around the world.

The Solution

Through Airwallex’s Global Treasury solution, Navan has been able to efficiently manage employee reimbursements at scale for its multinational customers. Through a single API integration, they’ve streamlined local top-ups, managed FX risk, and used local payment rails to quickly and cost-effectively disburse reimbursements around the world.

How Camplify collects customer payments online

The Challenge

Camplify is Australia's largest and fastest-growing campervan, motorhome, and caravan sharing company. The business has been rapidly growing, helping thousands of van owners around the world share their vans with others. Camplify was looking for a new card acquirer to support their business in Australia and Europe.

The Solution

With Airwallex's Payments for Platforms solution, Camplify was able to develop an integrated payments offering that included Card Acquiring and Payouts. Additional benefits included pricing transparency, an integrated multi-currency card solution, and rapid integration. Camplify is continuing to expand their business globally, automate their payment solutions, and save on payment related costs.

Travel Expert improves profitability with a one-stop payment solution

The Challenge

The travel conglomerate realised that having to visit branches in person to book holiday packages was dissuading their younger customers. The business also faced friction while settling payments with global suppliers and vendors. Multiple departments were sharing a single corporate card which made it difficult to reconcile payments and compromised financial integrity. Lastly, the business was seeking a way to settle international transactions while avoiding hefty transaction fees and expensive FX rates imposed by traditional banks.

The Solution

By integrating an online payment processing capability, Travel Expert now offers a fast and secure checkout experience in more than 25 countries. With Airwallex’s Borderless Cards, Travel Expert’s finance team can easily create multi-currency virtual company cards for different departments. Being able to track all card activities and set transaction limits and controls from a single dashboard has helped the company reduce time spent on reconciling supplier payments and improve productivity. Airwallex also gives them access to market-leading FX rates and does not charge any international transaction fees resulting in significant savings for the company.


Integrate with the systems you use

Save time with automatic reconciliation

Automatically sync booking data and supplier payments with your accounting software to speed up reconciliation.

Software Integrations >

Connect with payment orchestrators

Integrate Airwallex with your payment orchestrator to unify payment processing across your travel business.

Payments API >


2024 State of Payments in the Travel Industry

Learn about the latest payment trends and technology shaping the travel industry. Dive into the payment processing and financial operations challenges that are impacting travel businesses’ bottom line and stifling growth. Learn from travel industry peers about how they are modernising their financial infrastructure to help fuel their global ambitions.

For this report, Skift and Airwallex surveyed 473 executives based in 7 markets around the world, primarily from small- to mid-sized travel companies.


Strengthen relationships with your travel suppliers

Support your suppliers and earn new lines of revenue by offering tailored financial services within your travel platform, including treasury, multi-currency wallets, and FX capabilities.

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