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Find out why award-winning SaaS company ApprovalMax chose to partner with Airwallex to support their global expansion.

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ApprovalMax is a SaaS company that helps businesses and accounting firms automate approval processes for accounts payable and receivable.



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ApprovalMax is an award-winning SaaS company that helps businesses and accounting firms automate approval processes for accounts payable and receivable. Headquartered in the UK, they operate across global markets and employ staff in over 24 countries.

As a truly international business, ApprovalMax needed a financial solution that would enable them to collect, spend and manage money globally without being subject to costly FX conversions. So they decided to partner with Airwallex. 

As part of our strategic partnership, Airwallex has integrated with ApprovalMax’s software. This means that ApprovalMax customers can pay their global bills efficiently and cost-effectively using Airwallex technology.

Helmut Heptner

Co-Founder and Director of Operations, ApprovalMax

“Our partnership with Airwallex opens up an exciting dimension around approvals and payments. ApprovalMax is thrilled to integrate with Airwallex – our focus is on enhancing the customer experience so it’s easy, frictionless, and convenient all the way through.”

How ApprovalMax took control of their global finances

ApprovalMax had three major challenges to solve as they scaled globally. 

  1. How to collect revenue from global customers without being subject to unnecessary FX conversions and fees. To create a frictionless customer journey, the company was committed to allowing customers to pay in their preferred currency. But traditional banks charge up to 3.5% for currency conversion, which represented a major dent in ApprovalMax's profit margins. 

  2. How to pay global suppliers and staff quickly and cost-efficiently. Banks also charge high fees on international money transfers, meaning the company was subject to a second conversion charge when paying out globally. 

  3. How to manage employee expenses across 24 regions. The company needed a card solution which would allow their global workforce to spend in multiple currencies without incurring fees. They also needed a way to automate reconciliation across currencies to avoid wasting hours of time on admin.  

Crucially, ApprovalMax wanted an end-to-end financial solution which would allow them to manage all their financial transactions — from payment acceptance and transfers to employee expenses — on a single platform.

Airwallex provided an ideal solution to these challenges. 

With an Airwallex Global Account, ApprovalMax can now collect, hold and send multiple currencies around the world without being subject to unnecessary FX conversions. For example, they can collect revenue from their US customers, hold those US dollars in their Global Account, and use them to pay staff and suppliers in the US, all without being subject to fees. 

If they do wish to convert currencies, they can hedge against risk and convert at a time that is beneficial to them. And they save up to 80% versus high street banks with our market-leading FX rates. 

Airwallex Borderless Cards provide ApprovalMax with the perfect solution for managing global expenses. Employees can now spend globally with no international fees, and spend FX-free in 11+ currencies held in their Global Account. Airwallex's in-built expense management software allows the ApprovalMax team to keep track of all global spending in one place. Employees simply upload receipts and invoices to the Airwallex app, and all expense data is automatically reconciled in Xero, saving them hours of admin each month and helping them close their books faster.

Competing as an international player

Helmut Heptner

Co-Founder and Director of Operations, ApprovalMax

“Airwallex covers everything which small businesses need to act like the bigger players on a global level. We can transact in local currencies with customers in local markets. ApprovalMax has total control over the flow of cash in different currencies. We have the ability to do all kinds of local payments and international payments. It breaks down barriers.”


  • Global payments: ApprovalMax needs to accept, hold and send money globally, without forced FX conversions.

  • Currency risk: ApprovalMax want control over when and how they convert currencies, so they can hedge against risk and avoid high fees.

  • International team expenses: ApprovalMax needed a way to keep track of employee expenses across regions and currencies, whilst saving on FX fees.

  • Fractured banking experience: ApprovalMax wanted to manage their finances on one platform, rather than using multiple banking solutions.


  • Global Account: With an Airwallex multi-currency account, ApprovalMax can accept, hold and send money globally, like a local. No forced currency conversions, no unnecessary fees. 

  • FX: ApprovalMax can hedge against currency risk, and save money with Airwallex’s market-leading FX rates. 

  • Borderless Cards: Airwallex multi-currency cards help ApprovalMax cut out unnecessary FX fees and simplify global expense management. 

  • All-in-one solution: Airwallex provides end-to-end financial solutions for global businesses. Including Global Accounts, multi-currency cards, expense management, FX and more, all on one platform.

Airwallex propels businesses towards exponential growth

Global businesses like ApprovalMax need financial solutions that break down barriers and allow them to operate locally as they scale in new markets.

Airwallex's end-to-end payment solutions allow ApprovalMax to manage money globally without high fees, meaning they can collect revenue in their customers' preferred currency, pay global suppliers quickly and efficiently, and manage expenses across regions, all without being subject to unnecessary fees.

ApprovalMax has now integrated Airwallex's global payment technology with their own software, thereby extending Airwallex's benefits to their own customers. With the Airwallex integration in place, ApprovalMax customers can pay international bills in a click, without losing money in FX fees.

James Scobie

Senior Channel Partnerships Manager

“ApprovalMax is an exciting new partnership for Airwallex bringing together two innovative and complementary products for the SME market. By adding Airwallex payment functionality to ApprovalMax, customers avoid the hassle and cost of making payments internationally, and can concentrate on growing their business globally.”

More stories from Airwallex customers

“It's just one of those ideas where you think, why has this not been done before?”
"We’ve saved more than $100,000 so far this year.”
“Airwallex allows us to switch between multiple business bank accounts with one log in."

See how our customers are finding Airwallex

Airwallex Testimony

"Airwallex have been a fantastic partner for Olsam Group as we grow our eCommerce brands to new channels and new markets. Their easy to use interface and integrations have been a joy for our finance team to use as we scale."

Sam Horbye

Co-Founder, Olsam

Airwallex Testimony

"For ME + EM, expanding into international markets such as the US has been our focus - and with Airwallex, we were able to use their local USD Global Account to collect from our Paypal US account, thereby allowing us to save 3% on each transaction. The process of working with Airwallex has been seamless - our suppliers get paid quickly, we have a dedicated Relationship Manager who has been really patient, helpful and quick to respond. I am keen to use their cards to pay for our ad spend in the near future to save further on our USD invoices."


Finance Manager, ME + EM

Airwallex Testimony

"We've had such a fantastic experience switching to Airwallex. Previously we were using a traditional bank to make all of our international transactions and they'd constantly lock us out of the account everytime we made a transfer, resulting in hours and hours of lost time on hold. Airwallex is secure, makes it super quick and simple to make and receive international payments."


Managing Director, Perspective Pictures

Airwallex Testimony

“We used to pay Stripe between $5,000 and $10,000 a month in conversion fees because most of our customers pay in dollars. Now we funnel that money into our Airwallex US dollar account, we don’t have to pay commission. We’ve saved more than $100,000 so far this year”

Thomas Adams

Founder and CEO, Brandbassador

Airwallex Testimony

"We love Airwallex! It has considerably eased our invoicing and payments to contractors around the world. Sending and receiving money is much faster and cheaper than before."

Edle Tenden

Co-Founder, Mobile Transaction

Airwallex Testimony

“We are so glad that we have found Airwallex! There are no hidden charges, they are quick to respond to any queries and we had the smoothest transaction with amazing support from the team continually.”

Andreia Beja

Supply Chain Executive, Miss Patisserie

Airwallex Testimony

"Our water solutions company, Dropterra ( has partnered with Airwallex since inception and it has been the best banking and payment partner a company can think of. International transactions are easy, secure, and fast, the technology is incredible and their client service fantastic! We look forward to growing and deepening our relationship with Airwallex!"

Francois Schramek

Co-Founder, Dropterra

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