Employee expense claims simplified

Say goodbye to clunky expense claim systems. Issue employee cards to your team and approve receipts in a click, for hassle-free expense management.

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Put your expense system on autopilot

Issue employee cards

Create new virtual and physical cards in a click.

Track spending in real-time

Set and adjust individual card limits and track spending in the app.

Upload and approve receipts

Take a photo of your receipt, upload it, and get it approved in minutes.

The smart solution for growing teams

Empower your employees

No more sharing corporate cards! Reward your employees with their own debit cards, set individual spend limits, and put your team back in control of their budget.

Cut down admin

Put an end to tiresome purchase order forms. Easily upload receipts for approval, reconcile expenses in one place and get a real-time overview of your spending.

Streamline reporting

Never worry about a mystery payment or lost receipt again. Store tax invoices and receipts online and automate reconciliation by syncing with Xero.

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The perfect companion to Xero

Make time-consuming business expense claims a thing of the past. Seamlessly sync your expense data and receipts to Xero to make reconciling and month-end reporting a breeze.

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Employee cards, but better

Save on global expenses

Spend in multiple currencies directly from your Global Account and cut out needless FX fees from SaaS subscriptions and online advertising.

Improve accountability

Get an instant overview of how budget is being spent. Set flexible limits for each card, freeze cards in a click and stay in control of spending.

Spend online and on the go

Link your cards to Apple and Google Pay, and pay for business expenses with a tap of your phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are expense claims?

Expense claims are claims for reimbursement made by employees to a business. They are generally submitted to an accounts payable team by employees who have used their personal money to pay for business travel expenses, corporate entertainment, or hotel accommodation. 

With Airwallex, you can update your expenses policy and ensure employees are never left out of pocket. Give each employee their own Airwallex card with flexible limits, upload and approve receipts in seconds, and track spending in real-time. 

Why are business expense claims important?

If a member of staff uses their personal card to pay for a business expense, it’s important that they are repaid promptly so they aren’t left out of pocket. It is also important that the business keeps track of expense claims so that money does not go unaccounted for. 

With Airwallex, you can give employees their own business card, track spending in real-time, approve expenses and automatically reconcile them in Xero. 

How do you approve employee expense claims?

Expense claims are usually approved by employee line managers or a company finance manager. With Airwallex, you can update your expenses process. Your team can pay for expenses with their employee cards, take a photo of their receipt, and upload it to the app. Their line manager or someone on your finance team can then click to approve the expense, with no need for an expense claim form.

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