Global Accounts

Open a Canadian Dollar business account from Singapore

Open a CAD account online from Singapore with Airwallex. Your account will come with local CAD bank and branch codes and a dedicated account number. Use your Canadian dollar account to receive, manage, and send CAD with no hidden fees.

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Hassle-free currency accounts with local bank details

Skip the queues and excessive paperwork usually involved in setting up international bank accounts. Open accounts online and collect payments from your global customers in their preferred currency. Spend your proceeds later in the same currency, eliminating unnecessary conversion fees.

Save on unnecessary bank charges

There are no account opening fees, monthly maintenance charges, or minimum transaction requirements.

Streamline your global cash management

Convert held balances to different currencies in just a few clicks and review your global transactions in a single view.

Know your funds are safe and secure

Relax knowing that your money is secure and protected with end-to-end encryption and bank-level security.

Avoid costly conversion fees

Eliminate unnecessary conversion fees by receiving payments in the same currencies that your customers pay in.

Global Accounts

How to open a CAD business account from Singapore?

Businesses can open a CAD account from Singapore easily with Airwallex. Simply sign up online and, once onboarded, you can open multiple domestic and foreign currency accounts in minutes. Your CAD account will come with local bank account details, making it easy for you to receive payments in CAD which you can either spend or convert at the interbank exchange rate. Avoid bank queues and endless paperwork, and open your CAD account online with Airwallex today.

Your Canadian Dollar account

How will your CAD business account work?

Get your CAD account details

Open your Canadian dollar account online and receive a local Canadian account number and branch code. Share these details with your clients and customers in Canada and start receiving payments in CAD dollars via local bank networks. You can also link your CAD account to eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and Shopify.

Spend in Canadian dollars

Once you have funds in your account, you can spend them using Airwallex Borderless Cards, or transfer them to your recipient’s bank account. Use your CAD dollars to pay suppliers and employees in Canada and elsewhere efficiently, without being subject to needless currency exchange fees.

Convert currencies at market-beating rates

Airwallex gives you access to the interbank exchange rate (sometimes known as the mid-market rate). That means that if you need to convert currencies, you’ll enjoy market-leading foreign exchange rates no matter the transaction size. You can also hedge against currency exchange risk by only converting currencies when the exchange rate is favourable.

Global Accounts

Who is the Airwallex Global Business Account for?

The Airwallex Global Account is ideal for companies that operate across borders. Including companies that invoice overseas clients, sell globally on platforms such as Amazon and Shopify, and work with international suppliers. Our platform allows businesses to centralise their financial operations in one place, even when managing multiple global entities. From expense management to bill payments, payment acceptance, and FX, Airwallex has you covered. We make global money management simple and cost-effective for businesses of all shapes and sizes - that’s why we’re trusted by over 100,000 businesses worldwide.

FX & Transfers

End-to-end global money management from Singapore

When a payment gets sent to one of your Global Accounts, those funds are instantly visible to you in your Airwallex Account. Easily convert currencies at interbank rates and use Airwallex to make fast, cost-effective domestic and international transfers.

Frequently asked questions

How can a non-resident business from Singapore open a CAD account in Canada?

Airwallex simplifies the process of opening foreign currency business accounts around the world. Sign up online and, once onboarded, your business can open multiple domestic and foreign currency accounts, including Canadian dollar (CAD) accounts, in minutes. This means you can skip the lengthy paperwork and long wait times usually associated with opening multiple foreign currency accounts.

What documents are required for Singapore businesses to open a Canadian dollar account?

The key documents required to open an Airwallex account are similar across regions and will enable you to open a CAD account. We typically ask for the certificate of incorporation or equivalent document, as well as information on the business, its activities and anticipated transaction volumes. We are also required to collect details and IDs for certain individuals - this includes any beneficial owners but can extend to directors and authorised signatories signing up for the account. Non-resident businesses may be asked to provide proof of address for their operations, which can be established through utility bills, contracts or other correspondence.