July release notes 2022: Shopify integration, Borderless Cards and Payment Links

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July release notes 2022: Shopify integration, Borderless Cards and Payment Links
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Hey, how’s business? July might be holiday season for some, but we’ve spent most of this month indoors working feverishly on some great new features that will help you streamline your finances and reach more customers globally. 

And we wouldn’t have it any other way! Read on to find out what’s new for July. 

New features 🎉

Localise your Shopify checkout 🛒

The best way to convert international customers at checkout is to make them feel at home. 

Enter the new Airwallex Shopify integration

Plug Airwallex into your Shopify store and offer 30+ local payment methods that suit your customers, wherever they are. Including WeChat Pay, Alipay, Klarna and Bancontact.

Our integration requires no coding or technical knowledge, simply plug in and start converting more customers globally. You can also save on fees by collecting multi-currency payments directly into your Airwallex Global Account without forced currency conversions or high FX fees. 

Get in contact with your dedicated account manager to learn more. 

Google Pay in Singapore 🇸🇬

SG customers can now connect their Employee Cards to Google Pay, for borderless spending on the move. 

Give your employees a virtual card that they can use while out and about. Set spending limits for each card, and upload and approve receipts in a click. 

Improvements 🎨

Expense management just got even easier 💳

“Hang on, why did we buy 400 frisbees in March?”

Sometimes corporate expenses need a bit of explanation. To make things easier, any notes added to expenses in Airwallex will now automatically sync through to Xero. So your accounting team will know exactly what each expense is for. 

Plus, you can now cut down on admin by approving multiple expenses in one go.  

Collect essential customer data when you get paid 📦

You can now choose which information to collect from customers when they pay you by Payment Link.

Need to know where to ship a customer order? Easy. Want to collect a customer’s email address and phone number? No problem. 

Simply select the fields you want to include, preview the page, and click to create a Payment Link. 

That’s it for our July round-up. We hope these new features will help smooth your path to global success.

Have something you’d like to see earlier for your region on our roadmap? Let us know here.

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