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How Airwallex Payouts work

Airwallex Payouts enables businesses to make faster, more cost-effective payouts across the globe by connecting to local clearing systems in over 110 countries. With a single Airwallex account and/or one integration, you (and your customers) will be able to move funds globally via Airwallex’s payout network, which currently supports local and SWIFT payouts in 170 countries/regions and over 60 currencies.

Find out more about our Payout network.

Airwallex Payouts APIs allow you to create multiple transfers programmatically in seconds for different types of use cases:

  1. Making payouts for your own business purposes.
  2. Building a product experience that helps your customers make payouts.

You have full control on how you want to integrate with your internal systems (first-party use case) or customer-facing products (third-party use case) and when you want to release payouts. To save development effort, you can also use our Embedded Payout component and Embedded Beneficiary component to collect and manage payout/beneficiary information with minimal coding.

To get started, sign up for an Airwallex account.

You can also reach out to our support team to set up a demo account to help you explore our product and test your integration. Please click here to submit a request to our support team. When you submit the request, please select "Transfers & Conversions" as your issue category. Specifying "Apply for a demo account" as the request subject could help us identify your needs and expedite the process. We will email you when your demo account is prepared.

Want to dive straight into the code? Let’s get started.