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Create a payer

When creating a payout, Airwallex identifies the account owner as the payer by default. For platform accounts that are creating a payout on behalf of their connected accounts, the payer will be the registered owner of the connected account whose open ID is specified in the x-on-behalf-of header. There is no need to specify the payer information in either case.

On a case-by-case approval basis, Airwallex supports POBO (Pay On Behalf Of) i.e. the specification of payer information when creating a payout. This payer information instead of the default account information will appear on the beneficiary bank statement where supported. If you require this capability, please contact your Account Manager to discuss your use case and eligibility.

With POBO enabled, you can specify a payer optionally when creating payouts in two ways:

  1. Specify the payer_id of a payer created previously.
  2. Provide values for the payer object directly in the request.

To create a payer, call Create a new payer API with the required payer information. Provide the following parameters in your request if the payer is a business:

  • payer.entity_type: Set the value to COMPANY to indicate a business entity.
  • payer.additional_info.business_registration_number: The payer’s business registration number.
  • payer.address: The payer’s address details.
  • payer.company_name: The payer’s company name.

Provide the following parameters in your request if the payer is an individual:

  • payer.entity_type: Set the value to PERSONAL to indicate an individual payer.
  • payer.address: The payer’s address details.
  • payer.first_name: The payer’s first name.
  • payer.last_name: The payer’s last name.
  • payer.date_of_birth: The payer’s date of birth in ISO 8601 date format.

Refer to the dynamic schema API for further information on required fields.

Example request


If you are registered as a platform account, you can call this endpoint on behalf of your connected accounts by specifying the open ID in the x-on-behalf-of header.

Example response