Employee Airtime: From Germany, to Hong Kong, to improving the customer experience with Felix Leopold

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Employee Airtime: From Germany, to Hong Kong, to improving the customer experience with Felix Leopold
Get to know Felix Leopold, Associate Director out of Hong Kong!

Tell us about your back story - how did you hear about Airwallex and why did you decide to join? 

I was working as a consultant in Germany when Covid first hit. It really sent everyone spinning – suddenly, we were confined to work remotely, and much of what made my job as a consultant fun and exciting was no longer there. 

I had always wanted to try working in a start-up and fast growth environment where everyone is working towards the same goal. I wanted to have more ownership over the things that I do. I also knew I wanted to go somewhere different, where I could put myself in an environment that would really motivate me to learn and grow. 

And it was around that time when I heard about Airwallex. Some of the people I knew had moved into Airwallex to work, and I also heard about Airwallex being one of the fastest growing fintechs. It all fit for me – start-up, fast growth environment and being able to work in Hong Kong. 

What was so attractive about moving to Hong Kong? How has it been living here? 

I got the chance to spend some time in Hong Kong back in 2014 for an exchange program, and really loved the city. When I saw the job posting in Hong Kong for Airwallex, I was all for it. 

There is such a unique, international vibe. Being a place of “contrasts” is a good word to describe the city – you can be in a traditional fishing village one minute, and among sky-high skyscrapers the next. Or, you can be sitting in a crowded bar and dealing with highly congested streets, and just a short bus ride later, find yourself immersed in nature among Hong Kong’s rolling mountains. I will say that I miss riding my bike everywhere - something that’s a bit more challenging in a densely populated city like Hong Kong! 

I know this might be a hard question to answer but… what does a typical day at Airwallex look like?

That’s a difficult one… I don’t think it exists! But that’s why it’s so exciting and fun here. It’s about being able to solve the problems and identifying the best possible ways to support our global customer base. If I had to summarize a day though, it would be a combination of analyzing troughs of data, brainstorming and learning sessions with colleagues around the world, as well as taking part in special projects and initiatives that aim to solve our customer pain points. 

What’s one of your favorite memories during your time at Airwallex? 

We always do a quarterly kick-off with the whole business accounts team. We take the time to review our performance, set new targets and discuss future strategies. We also use this opportunity to celebrate the team’s accomplishments together.

One of the highlights was during our September kick-off last year, where the team proposed we do an Oktoberfest-themed celebration. We went to a German restaurant, and I had worn “tracht", a traditional Bavarian clothing. 

Usually I'm learning about Hong Kong food and culture so this was a nice chance for me to share my background and culture with the rest of the team, which was pretty cool.

Outside of work, what is something that you enjoy doing?

I think taking breaks is important, especially when you are working in a high-growth environment like ours. We’re all so excited and eager to keep pushing forward that you almost have to sometimes tell yourself to take a breather. 

So, I do make a point to take-off proper breaks and use the opportunity to travel. One of the more memorable trips I’ve had is traveling through the Trans-Siberian Railway. 

And lastly, any advice to people who have just joined (or want to join) a startup?

It’s about asking the questions. Don’t be afraid to ask! It’s the most effective way to understand the business and to help you learn and grow quickly.

Looking to take the next step in your career? Check out our careers page for open roles.

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