April release notes: Middle East payouts, mobile money transfers and a smoother Shopify checkout

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April release notes: Middle East payouts, mobile money transfers and a smoother Shopify checkout
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We hope you’ve had a busy and productive start to Q2. This month, we’ve got a bunch of new releases that will make it easier than ever before to collect, transfer and manage your money globally. Read on to learn more! 

New features 🎉

Connect QuickBooks to Airwallex Expenses and close your books faster

QuickBooks users, it’s time to bid farewell to manual expense reports. Sync your expense data with your accounting software and enjoy simple, automated expense management. 

When your employees use their Airwallex debit cards, they can snap and upload their receipts and add the expense details to the Airwallex app. This data will automatically sync with QuickBooks, saving your finance team hours of admin. For more information, reach out to your Account Manager.

Airwallex global payments launch in Canada 🍁

Know any Canadian businesses that need a faster, more cost-efficient way to manage global payments? Why not introduce them to Airwallex. 

With an Airwallex account, our Canadian friends can move money across markets with ease, and manage their multi-currency finances on a single platform — making global money management simple. 

Payout to more countries in the Middle East ➡️

We’re opening up even more local payment routes to help your business trade without borders. You can now use Airwallex to make fast payments to Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia.

Pay global suppliers on the go 🌎

Transfer money to your global contacts via our mobile app and pay your international suppliers, staff and contractors on the move. Our Transfer page also has a new look, we hope you’ll find the new design even easier to use.

Improvements 🎨

Say goodbye to unnecessary fees and hello to a smoother Shopify checkout 👋

Imagine, you’re about to launch a new product. Your customers are excited. You’re excited. But there’s one problem: you’re worried you’ll sell out.

It’s a great problem to have, but it can create a real headache for your accounts department who will have to spend hours issuing refunds, incurring fees in the process. Luckily, Airwallex has a solution. 

You can now collect payments manually from Shopify. That means after your customers have placed their orders, you can decide which payments to collect. If you can’t fulfil an order, simply reject the customer payment without incurring any refund fees. 

This new feature will also allow you to offer Klarna (the popular Buy Now Pay Later payment option) at your checkout, because Klarna requires merchants to manually capture payments at checkout rather than doing so automatically.

Automatically pull order data from Shoplazza and Magento 🛒

Businesses that use Magento and Shoplazza can now automatically pull their order data into the Airwallex app, rather than performing a manual file upload. This will help reduce errors and fraud risks. 

Easily keep track of your Airwallex rewards 💰

Track your Airwallex rewards (including our cashback offers) in real-time in the Airwallex app. Go to the Rewards tab to see how much you’ve earned so far. 

We’re making spend management even easier 💳 

You can now filter your transaction data by your company card nicknames. For example, if you've created a card for Google advertising spend, you can nickname the card 'Google Ads' and easily pull the transaction data for that card.  

You can also now put quarterly and annual spend limits on both company and employee cards. That's in addition to the existing daily, monthly, weekly, per transaction and all time card limit options that are already available. 

Accept JCB cards at checkout 🛍️ 

For those who don’t know, JCB is one of the world’s largest card schemes alongside American Express, Visa, Discover and MasterCard. JCB cards are primarily used in Asia, particularly Japan. 

Airwallex customers in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia can now accept JCB card payments through the Airwallex payment gateway, and provide a frictionless checkout experience for their customer base in Japan. It’s one of many ways Airwallex is helping businesses expand globally. 

Put your payments on autopilot ➡️

You can now make direct debit payments from your US Global Account. This means you can automate recurring payments and save yourself the hassle of manually paying bills and subscriptions each month.

Upcoming arrivals 🧳

Customisable Transfer approvals ✅ ✅

We’re busy updating our Transfer approval workflows to make them more flexible. Soon, you’ll be able to configure your approval workflows based on your own criteria. For example, you might decide that transfers over US$1000 need approval from your CFO, whilst transfers under US$1000 need manager approval only. Watch this space for more details. 

That’s it for this month's releases. We’ll keep tuning the engine and building features that help you turn wasted hours into future business growth.

Have something you’d like to see earlier for your region on our roadmap? Let us know here.

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