The most flexible and efficient way to pay travel suppliers globally

Save time and money by automating supplier payments and reconciliation with Airwallex.

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End-to-end payments and banking solution for travel businesses

The end-to-end solution for travel businesses

countries supported with local accounts

currencies with FX-free debit card spending

countries with local payouts

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Take your travel business to the next level

Cards and expense management

Manage your global company spend, from subscriptions to marketing spend and employee expenses.

Global treasury

All-in-one banking for global travel businesses to collect, manage and send money globally, like a local.

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Automated supplier payments at global scale

Manage cards programatically

Generate unlimited single-use or reusable virtual cards via an API to eliminate manual work to create and approve payments.

Control your risk

Set customisable limits on card spend.

Save on FX

Spend FX-free on virtual cards from wallet balances you hold in 10+ currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP and SGD.

Free up Finance

Automate reconciliation with your general ledger and easily consolidate across your group entities.

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Join thousands of other travel businesses

Airwallex Testimony

“It’s been an absolute dream. Really simple to operate, really simple to use. We’ve got cards for our staff now, so when they’re on site in America they can use the Airwallex card. I’ve worked out that it’s likely to save us around £60k a year in bank charges alone. So pretty good.”

Tony Lloyd

CEO and Co-Founder, GreyGreen

Airwallex Testimony

“Before we found Airwallex, it was difficult to find an employee cards and payments infrastructure partner that could keep up with our high growth and big vision. Airwallex has provided a complete business account to seamlessly manage employee expenses, multi-currency collections and transfers at market-leading FX rates. To date, Airwallex has helped Mr Yum issue more than 30 cards, launch 3 months faster in the UK and saved more than $50,000 on international transaction and FX-related fees”

Corey Payne

Financial Controller, Mr Yum

Airwallex Testimony

“We saved 3% per transaction by using Airwallex’ USD Global Account to collect from our PayPal US account”

Meera Patel

Finance Manager, ME + EM


Global money movement for travel businesses

Move money like a local

Create local accounts in 40+ countries in a few clicks to receive funds and make payments in local currencies.

Bypass SWIFT

Make fast, fee-free local payments to 95+ places around the world.

Save on FX fees

Trade in 40+ currencies from as little as 0.5% above inter-bank rates with simple and transparent FX pricing.

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Integrate with all the systems you already use

From eCommerce to accounting, Airwallex partners with the most popular tools you're already using to manage your business. Leverage our no-code plugins to connect Airwallex and get started in minutes.

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Access your own dedicated account manager

Dedicated account manager profile with callout graphics

If you have a question about your account, your dedicated account manager will be on hand to help. No call queues. No automated systems.

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Dedicated account manager profile with callout graphics

Start spending more time growing your travel business

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