Release Notes: March 2022

Alice Wong
2 minutes
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Release Notes: March 2022

Hey, there. 

Many of the updates to your business account this month are either smaller things tinkered with or not quite ready for the red-carpet roll-out.

But just so you know, the best updates take time (as they should). And you can bet there are some big things brewing that’ll have you wondering, “Why haven’t I parted ways with my bank yet?”

New features 🎉

🌍 Pay in Israeli new shekel, South African rand, Mexican peso and Turkish lira

We extended our geographical SWIFT network coverage to include Israel, South Africa, Mexico, and Turkey. For Hong Kong, except for Israel, there’s no getting around those pesky SWIFT fees just yet, please bear with us.

💸 Payouts to the Middle East from Hong Kong just got faster and a whole lot cheaper.

If you live in Hong Kong and you’ve been poking around in Transfers lately, you may have noticed we’ve added in some more local currency payment options. So the next time you send a payment to a contractor or supplier in Egypt, Bahrain, or Israel, you (or your payee) won’t have to worry about wearing any SWIFT fees. Plus, those flight times will be a lot faster. We’re continuing to build the world's best local payment network, so you can bypass SWIFT altogether.

Upcoming arrivals 🧳

🚀 Get your Xero invoices paid faster.

Want an easy way for your customers to pay you on the spot, in any currency? Very soon, you’ll be able to set Airwallex as your preferred online payment option when you send your next invoice. Just embed our multi-currency payment links and QR codes into your next Xero invoice and watch the funds land in your Airwallex account.

That’s all for this month, folks. We’ll keep tuning the engine and building features that help you turn wasted hours and spend into future business growth.

Have something you’d like to see earlier for your region on our roadmap? Let us know here.

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Alice Wong
Growth Marketing Lead

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