November Release Notes 2022: American Express, Shopify and Expenses

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November Release Notes 2022: American Express, Shopify and Expenses
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It’s almost the end of the year, but we’re not slowing down just yet.

This month, we’ve got a host of new features to help you maximise Q4 sales, save on fees and gear up for 2023. Scroll to see our latest releases.  

New features 🎉

Sell more, save more with American Express and Airwallex 🛒

American Express card members spend 1.2x more per transaction and 3.9x more annually on average. So accepting American Express at your checkout is a no-brainer. 

The good news? You can now accept American Express with Airwallex Online Payments. 

Plug Airwallex into your eCommerce store and accept payment in multiple currencies whilst cutting out needless FX fees. Offer 60+ payment methods including American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Apple Pay. 

Visit the Airwallex app and click Online Payments to learn more. 

Keep control of spending with multi-layer approvals ✅ ✅

Want to sign off larger expenses with managers and your CFO? Now you can. 

You can now add multiple layers of approval to your Expenses workflow, and customise the approval layers based on spend amount. 

You decide what the approval layers are for each spend threshold. A team lunch under USD200 could be approved by a manager, whilst a stock order over USD500,000 could be approved by a manager, your CFO and your CEO. 

To get started, visit the Account tab in the app and then click Approvals. 

Direct debit now available in the UK 🧾

Our UK customers can now pay for recurring expenses, such as monthly bills and SaaS subscriptions, via direct debit. 

To set up a direct debit, simply create a new United Kingdom Global Account and provide your account number and sort code to your biller.

Get paid faster with Xero Invoice Payments 🏎️

Our Xero Invoice Payments integration has launched in Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Allow your customers to pay you in multiple currencies in a click, and automatically reconcile payments to your Xero invoices. To set Airwallex as your default payment option for Xero invoices, head to the Connections tab in our web app. 

Singapore, let’s get physical 💳

Airwallex physical cards have landed in Singapore. Order cards for your team to use online and on the go, set limits on a card level and track spending in the app. Use your cards to spend in multiple currencies directly from your Global Account and save on FX fees. 

Improvements 🎨

Our Shopify plugin now supports 13 languages 🌎

Welcome! Bienvenue! Huānyíng!

Wherever your customers are in the world, it’s important to make them feel at home when they hit your checkout. That’s why we’ve updated our Shopify plugin to support 13 languages. 

When your customers visit your Airwallex checkout page, they’ll see the payment instructions in the same language they were browsing in. 

It’s just one of the ways we’re helping you remove friction from your checkout.

Faster payments for our Hong Kong customers 🚀

FPS is a payment service which allows Hong Kong residents to make quick and easy domestic payments. 

The good news is FPS payments from your Airwallex account will now be processed immediately during business hours. So you won’t need to wait around for your payments to clear.  

Multiple Airwallex accounts, one legal entity 💡

You can now create multiple Airwallex accounts under the same legal entity, as well as under a different legal entity.

This means that if you own several eCommerce stores under the same legal entity, you can create an Airwallex account for each of your eCommerce stores and keep your funds and transaction data separate.  

Cut out even more FX fees 💸

Avoid currency conversions when accepting card payments in Canadian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars and Swiss Francs, and save on fees. 

Settle payments directly into your Global Account without converting to your home currency, and pay out for free with Borderless Cards and Transfers. 

That’s it for our November release round-up. We hope these improvements help you streamline your finances and fast-track growth in Q4 and beyond.

Have something you’d like to see earlier for your region on our roadmap? Let us know here.

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