How to sell on eBay: platform and payment method review

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How to sell on eBay: platform and payment method review
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eBay serves as a global online marketplace connecting users worldwide for buying and selling a variety of items. Curious about eBay's distinctions from standard online stores and how to navigate eBay effectively? This article provides insights into registering as a seller on eBay Hong Kong, details on fees, international sales, buyer payment options, and refund procedures. Explore this guide to grasp eBay's operations, costs, and strategies for thriving on this expansive online platform.

What type of platform is eBay?

eBay stands out as a globally recognised international trading platform that serves individual and corporate users alike. Setting itself apart from traditional online stores, eBay allows users to register an account and easily engage in cross-border transactions across different countries through eBay websites worldwide.

eBay offers two types of transaction models: auction and fixed price. Sellers can choose to list items for auction or set a fixed price so there is a diverse range of products available on the platform, including fashion apparel, household items, electronics, and even second-hand items and art pieces. 

The platform is integrated with the world's largest payment system, PayPal, supporting various payment options on top of a feedback system to boost trust in transactions. In essence, eBay stands as a user-friendly, diverse, and worldwide e-commerce platform.

Advantages of shopping on eBay

eBay presents a competitive edge in the realm of online shopping with its diverse range of products sourced around the world. This platform offers unique shopping advantages, such as:

  • Finding rare items, antiques, and second-hand designer brands

  • Many sellers offer the same products so customers can compare prices easily

  • Some sellers provide a bargain feature so customers can negotiate the price

  • The platform offers product authentication service (eBay Authenticity Guarantee) for high-end items

Tutorial for eBay Hong Kong sellers

  1. Registering as a seller: Register as a member on the eBay homepage and provide credit card information to verify identity.

  2. Select the payment methods when selling products:

    • For local transactions on the eBay Hong Kong website, the most common payment methods are cash on delivery and bank transfer.

    • For items selling on international eBay websites, you must accept payments through PayPal or merchant credit cards.

  3. Listing out the shipping fees:

    • For selling items in Hong Kong, it is best to specify postage or meet-up options. Indicate fees for both regular mail and registered mail; For meet-ups, specify the available locations for meet-up.

    • For selling items overseas, specify eligible shipping destinations. eBay also recommends mentioning the maximum range of shipping fee for budget estimation.

How to register as a seller? Personal vs business accounts 

Individuals who sign up on eBay automatically become sellers. For those interested in a business account, a separate registration process is necessary.

Businesses registered in Greater China can submit their corporate information through the eBay business account platform. The process entails the submission of corporate details, including the name of the business, business license (for Mainland China or Taiwan), business registration certificate (for Hong Kong and Macau), along with the relevant corporate bank account details. Once successfully reviewed and verified by eBay, sellers with a corporate account gain access to exclusive eBay fulfilment warehouses and seller customer service managers.

eBay's fee structure and transaction fees

eBay Hong Kong's fee structure primarily consists of listing fees and transaction fees.

  • Listing fees: Hong Kong users can list items on eBay Hong Kong for free. Sellers can create product listings with descriptions and photos on the platform.

  • Transaction fees: When a transaction is successfully completed on eBay, the platform charges a certain percentage of the sale amount as a transaction fee. The percentage varies depending on the category of the item and the selling price.

If sellers are selling items on overseas eBay websites, eBay will charge international fees. These fees are calculated based on the total sales and are deducted directly from the sales proceeds. The fees vary depending on the specific location and are as follows:

United States (US) and Canada United Kingdom European Union Australia All other countries / regions
1.30% 1.45% 1.75% 1.40% 1.90%

How to use eBay to sell to overseas buyers?

To effectively sell to overseas buyers on eBay, sellers need to list their items on the local eBay website of the target market. There's no need to re-register on each eBay website in different locations.

For instance, if a seller registers on eBay Hong Kong but intends to sell items simultaneously in Hong Kong, the US, and Germany, they would need to list the items for sale separately on the eBay websites of these three locations so that buyers can find the listed items.

Accepted payment methods on eBay

Buyers on eBay can utilise a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal, as well as other locally accepted payment methods.

How do eBay sellers collect payments from eBay? 

For international transactions, once sellers have made sales to buyers from overseas, eBay usually sends funds to the seller in US dollars. If sellers have a business address in HKSAR, they have the choice to receive payments in Hong Kong dollars.

The benefits of Airwallex for eBay users

Sign up for Airwallex Payments and enjoy third-party global payment collection services. You can seamlessly receive funds from popular e-commerce platforms like PayPal, Shopify, Stripe, eBay, Klarna, Afterpay, and more. With a multi-currency account, you can easily manage balances in over 12 different currencies. Airwallex simplifies currency exchange, shields you from fluctuations, and trims foreign exchange costs.

Open a global multi-currency account for free in Hong Kong


1. How can eBay customer service assist sellers?

In addition to the seller customer service hotline, eBay also provides guidance in professional marketing. Sellers can reach out through the hotline, registration forms, via email, and inquire through the eBay member account details page. eBay’s senior sales consultants will respond within 72 hours.

2. What should I do if my account is suspended?

If an eBay account is suspended, you can seek help from eBay’s customer service. Registering with genuine personal information, including your name and address, is believed to reduce the likelihood of encountering account suspension.

3. How are sellers protected by eBay’s seller protection policy?

Sellers are eligible for seller protection as long as their eBay account’s performance level is rated as top rated sellers. The seller protection policy ensures the safety of online sales and helps prevent losses resulting from disputes related to returns and refunds.

*Information as of 5 March 2024. Please refer to eBay's official website for more details.

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