April Release Notes 2022: No more out-of-pocket employees

Alice Wong
2 minutes
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April Release Notes 2022: No more out-of-pocket employees

Welcome back, old friend.

This month’s releases are kind of a big deal. Read on to learn more about how these new features came to be and how your business can take advantage of them.

New features 🎉

Tap it. Expense it. Let’s rock your employees’ world. 🚀

The average small business takes over a week to approve an expense report for reimbursement. It takes a few seconds to make all of that history.

Today we’re excited to launch a feature that has been the single most requested item by all of you. You wanted an easier way to manage those tedious expenses. You wanted clean, error-free, up-to-date books. And now, you can finally throw away those receipts and replace repetitive work and clunky software with one accurate, zero-touch experience. Head to Expenses in the web app to get started.

Once you’ve activated Airwallex Expenses on your account, you can use the iOS and Android mobile apps to easily submit, review and approve expenses. Employees can attach photos of their receipts, and your team will receive push notification reminders for each transaction.

Company card guardians, assemble. 💳

Last month, we added another layer of security to company cards in the UK, so you can give your cards a point of contact and always be sure only you and your team were using them.

Now the rest of the world can fight dubious spending, too. Just update or create a new company card to assign up to three users as contacts. Users will receive 2FA and 3DS messages to authorise suspicious-looking or out-of-policy transactions. Should your team ever need to make any online purchases, you can also share card details securely via the app. No more emailing, messaging or SMS-ing sensitive card details again.

Improvements 🎨

There’s nothing standing in the way of getting paid. 🔗

We’ve reworked our Payment Links experience to make it easier for your customers to pay their invoices in the right currency. You can now select which currencies to display, customise the order or set a default currency to pay in. Create a new payment link to get started.

Thanks again for dropping in. We feel like we’re starting to make a real dent in the world of borderless business. Features like Expenses are designed to help you manage your money confidently, so you can get back to pulling all the right levers for your business. We’ll keep pushing boundaries to help you grow, innovate and make your products and services more accessible to the world.

Have something you’d like to see earlier for your region on our roadmap? Let us know here.

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Alice Wong
Growth Marketing Lead

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