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Embedded finance opportunity for SaaS platforms and marketplaces


Cross-border eCommerce is a multi-trillion dollar opportunity for merchants

54% of consumers expect to buy more from overseas merchants in 2024

Find out how your business can capitalize on this demand to drive global success.

61% of consumers see overseas merchants as trustworthy

Consumer confidence in overseas merchants is growing. Discover the strategies leading eCommerce merchants use to improve consumer trust.

77% of consumers are likely to abandon their cart if preferred payment methods are unavailable

With global payment preferences shifting rapidly, learn how to leverage modern payments technology to improve checkout success rates.


How leading eCommerce companies scale globally

Airwallex is a payments and financial platform designed for global businesses.

Optimize your checkout for global success

Collect one time or recurring payments from customers in 180+ countries and regions. Boost checkout rates by pricing in local currencies and allowing customers to pay with over 160+ payment methods. Easily integrate Airwallex with your website or embed Payment Links into social media and other channels - no website or coding needed.

Reduce fraud and boost payment acceptance rates

Automatically identify suspicious transactions and reduce disputes with our built-in fraud detection engine and dispute management system. Leverage 3D Secure to authenticate shoppers prior to authorizing card transactions and stay compliant with regional requirements.

Operate in multiple currencies

Open Global Accounts that come with local bank details in 23+ currencies. Collect payments, transfer funds, and pay bills whilst avoiding costly currency conversions. Use Airwallex multi-currency cards, high-speed transfers, and interbank FX rates to manage global fund flows efficiently and cost-effectively.

Trusted by 100,000+ businesses

“Airwallex has allowed us to get things done at ten times the speed it used to happen. It means we could spend more time on our brand, our website and the customer experience. That’s what helped us to grow so much in a short span of time.”

“These small percentages here and there add up over time with a real bottom line impact. When I see the rates are good, I’ll convert my AUD into USD, knowing that I’ve saved money that I can re-invest into the business in the long-run.”

"It is crazy to see that kind of's just one of those ideas where you think, why has this not been done before?"

“Airwallex saves us $40,000 annually in collections costs from our sales on Amazon, which is the majority of our sales in the US market. It also allows us to ‘repurpose’ our international currencies. For example, if we sell in Europe we can pay European suppliers in euros as well.”

"Before Airwallex, we had no idea when our payments were going to reach our suppliers. Using Airwallex instead of traditional banks has increased the speed of our overseas transfers and optimised our cashflow significantly. We've also saved up to 99% of our TT and FX fees."

“Having Airwallex as our global trusted partner means we can spend less time on the phone to the bank, and more time instead focusing on growing our business both domestically and internationally.”