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Airwallex Payouts allows you to programmatically make fast and cost-effective payouts across the globe. Our global payments network can process domestic and international transfers in 40+ currencies and 150+ countries. You can use it to make payments to your users, suppliers or employees, or integrate with your product so your customers can do the same.

How it works

You can use Payouts API to create a series of payments by providing the correct recipient details and a few other pieces of information such as fees, reason for transfer, transfer date etc. You have full control on when you want to release payouts and how you want to integrate with your internal systems or customer-facing products. To reduce development effort, you can also use our Hosted Payout Page (coming soon) so you never have to build an experience to collect and manage recipient information.

Payout - illustration

With Payouts, we have generally helped two groups of customers. The first group are mass payouts customers who use the API to automate global payouts on-demand to contractors, suppliers and international workers. The second group are service providers who borrow our infrastructure to offer global payouts solutions to their own customers.

Next steps

If you want to discover more about the use cases that we support, feel free to check out Mass Payouts or Service Providers.

To find out more about our Payment Network, you can read more here.

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