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Payout statuses

This page describes the status transitions for payouts (including approvals and funding) for API version 2024-01-31 or later. For older API versions, please see payout statuses (older versions).

Payout statuses

Payout Statuses 2024-04-30

Payout statuses in payout approvals flow:

Payout approval statuses 2024-01-31

Payout StatusDescriptionWebhook Event TypeNext steps
IN_APPROVAL*The payout is submitted and waiting for approval.payment.in_approvalApprovers can review the payout in the web app.
APPROVAL_RECALLED*The payout is recalled by a user in the web app.payment.approval_recalledUsers can edit and resubmit the payout in the web app.
APPROVAL_REJECTED*The payout is rejected by an approver in the web app.payment.approval_rejectedUsers can edit and resubmit the payout in the web app.
APPROVAL_BLOCKED*Payout is blocked as next approver cannot be found.payment.approval_blockedAccount owner or Admin users can edit the Transfers approval workflow and resubmit the payout in the web app.
SCHEDULEDThe payout is scheduled to be processed on the payout date if it is funded and passes review by Airwallex.payment.scheduledNo action needed.
OVERDUEThe payout is not funded beyond the payment date.payment.overdueRetrieve funding statuses for further details. Funding status of an OVERDUE payout can be REQUIRES_FUNDING_CONFIRMATION/PROCESSING/FAILED.
PROCESSINGThe payout is funded and being processed. Payout status will automatically transition to SENT when the payout is successfully sent to our banking partners, otherwise its status will transition to FAILED if it cannot be processed.payment.processingNo action needed.
SENTThe payout has been sent from Airwallex. Note that the payout may subsequently fail our banking partners’ processing, at which point its status will transition to FAILED.payment.sentNo action needed.
PAID**The payout has been processed successfully by our banking partner. Note that the payout may subsequently fail if it is rejected by the local clearing system or the recipient bank, at which point its status will transition to FAILED.payment.paidNo action needed.
FAILEDThe payout has failed our banking partner's processing or was rejected by the recipient bank. Failed payouts will be automatically cancelled after a certain time depending on the region you are in. Please reach out to your Account Manager to find out more.payment.failedBefore a failed payout is automatically cancelled, you may Cancel API the payout. See Handle failed payouts to determine the next step based on your failure reason.
CANCELLATION_REQUESTEDPayout cancellation has been requested before SENT, and will transition to CANCELLED when payout is successfully refunded.payment.cancellation_requestedNo action needed.
CANCELLEDThe payout has been successfully cancelled. The payout amount (less any applicable fees) will be returned to the Wallet. See Cancel a payout for further details.payment.cancelledCorresponding fees may apply (see Refund and Fees).

* These statuses are only applicable to payouts that are created and submitted for approval.

** This status is only applicable to API version 2024-04-30 or after.

Funding statuses

Funding statuses provide details on the funding of a payout and can be retrieved from the funding object within the response of Payout API endpoints API. For example, when a payout is OVERDUE, funding statuses will be helpful to understand the reason and next steps.

Funding Statuses 2024-01-31

Funding StatusDescriptionWebhook Event TypeNext steps
REQUIRES_FUNDING_CONFIRMATIONThe funding of this payout requires your confirmation under manual-funding mode. See Fund deduction for further details.payment.funding.requires_funding_confirmationCall Confirm funding for a payment API to trigger fund deduction on payout date.
SCHEDULEDThe funding is scheduled to be processed on the payout date.payment.funding.scheduledEnsure sufficient balance is available in the Airwallex Wallet or Linked Account to cover the payout amount (including fees).
PROCESSINGThe funding for this payout is being processed.payment.funding.processingFor payouts funded by Wallet, please ensure there is sufficient balance if status remains at PROCESSING.
FUNDEDThis payout is successfully funded.payment.funding.fundedNo action needed.
FAILED***Deposit via direct debit from a Linked Account is rejected as it failed validation by either Airwallex or the banking scheme. The funds will be returned to your external bank account.payment.funding.failedSee failure reason for details and next step recommendations.
REVERSED***If the external bank recalls the deposit via direct debit from a Linked Account after it has been settled into your Wallet, the status of the funding will be updated from to REVERSED, and the corresponding amount will be deducted from your Wallet balance.payment.funding.reversedNo action needed.

*** These statuses are only applicable to payouts funded via direct debits from Linked Accounts.

You can subscribe to Payouts webhook events to receive the payout information in JSON payloads in case of any status transitions.

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