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Generate a confirmation letter

Call Create confirmation letter API to generate payout confirmation letters by providing the following parameters in your request:

  • format: Specify the format of the confirmation letter - STANDARD (with fee information) or NO_FEE_DISPLAY (without fee information).
  • transaction_id: Provide payment_id of the payout.

Example request


If you are registered as a platform account, you can call this endpoint on behalf of your connected accounts by specifying the open ID in the x-on-behalf-of header.

A successful request will return the confirmation letter in pdf format as file stream, including the following details:

  • Transfer details: Amount paid, transfer method, creation date, transfer date, amount received, transfer fee, transfer status, exchange rate (if currency conversion involved), etc.
  • Beneficiary details: Recipient's name, bank code, bank name, account number, address, etc.
  • Payer details (if applicable): Payer's name, address, etc.

Please find below example files in the two respective formats:

Confirmation letter - STANDARD

Confirmation letter - NO_FEE_DISPLAY