Three ways to improve how your business manages importing and exporting remotely

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Three ways to improve how your business manages importing and exporting remotely

Contributed by Airwallex Partner IncoDocs

With the onset of COVID-19, remote work has been thrust into the limelight this year with many companies asking their employees to work from home due to social distancing measures. New ways of working have left many teams working separately from one another, sometimes for the first time, causing considerable implications for global trade businesses who rely on physical tools and traditional processes.

Transitioning to remote work can be quite a daunting task, especially without the right tools. Thankfully there is now a wealth of new technologies available at our fingertips to solve this, even in the importing and exporting space. Below, we provide a few examples of how buyers and sellers can use cloud software like IncoDocs and Airwallex to effectively manage your import and export teams remotely. 

1. Create and share quotes, proforma invoices and commercial invoices 

IncoDocs’ cloud software allows importers and exporters all over the world to create and share all sales and shipping documentation required for global trade. This allows teams to work remotely and connect to a shared team workspace to create and share quotations, proforma invoices, commercial Invoices and other shipping documentation.

2. Streamline the sales process to help buyers and sellers confirm deals faster

Using IncoDocs, sellers can share proforma invoices and sales contracts to buyers to accept, digitally counter-sign and make payments of supplier’s invoices, 100% online while working remotely. 

Digital stamps and signature technology allows both buyers and sellers to transition to a paperless office. Sellers can add their company stamp and digital signatures, then share documents to buyers so they can countersign proforma invoices and sales contracts. This completely eliminates the manual print, sign, scan and email process and provides a 100% paperless process.

3. Easy payments, no matter the currency

When a buyer has accepted a proforma invoice, payment can be made in 34 different currencies using Airwallex’s proprietary FX engine. Buyers will gain access to real, interbank FX rates with zero international transaction fees, making it a cost-effective way to settle payments in just a few clicks. Airwallex payments are sent using local payment methods so payments can be received in full by the seller in two business days or less.

Once deals have been confirmed and paid, users simply click to convert invoices into shipments without having to re-type any data to create a suite of compliant shipping documentation required for the International shipping process. Importers, exporters and trading companies can easily upgrade their old process; transition to a paperless office and provide teams with a unified platform to successfully survive and thrive in a remote working environment.

Traditionally, importers and exporters have had to rely on a very manual, paper-heavy process just to negotiate quotes, invoices, countersign contracts and make international payments. With the introduction of new technology and fantastic new business tools, export teams are able to adapt and bring remote work into their arsenal to maintain productivity without a fixed address. 

Combining IncoDocs & Airwallex’ cloud software gives importers and exporters the power to streamline their processes, reduce costs and successfully manage their businesses in a remote working environment. For more information on how to make the transition, speak to one of our product specialists today.

Our products and services in Australia are provided by Airwallex Pty Ltd ABN 37 609 653 312 who holds AFSL 487221. Any information provided is for general information purposes only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should consider the appropriateness of the information in light of your own objectives, financial situation or needs. Please read and consider the Product Disclosure Statement available on our website before using our service.

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