Airwallex’s Series D round — what it means for our partners

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Airwallex’s Series D round — what it means for our partners
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  • Firstly, thank you to our existing partners
  • More opportunities for growth with Airwallex

Written by Gajia Parsons, VP - Partnerships & Ecosystem

An exciting day for the Airwallex team - we’ve just announced our US$160M series D fundraising round, our largest to date and with participation from exciting new investors ANZi Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. It’s reassuring to receive this validation of our progress and the strong strategic vision that resonates so clearly throughout our business. 

So, what does this all mean for our partners?

Firstly, thank you to our existing partners

We’ve been fortunate to have worked with partners - the best in their categories - who we trust and who share our sense of urgency to innovate. They are organisations filled with forward-thinking individuals and teams. They don’t shudder at our ambitious timelines. They accurately understand how our platform is relevant for both SMEs and enterprises. They share our aspirations for international expansion. And, perhaps most importantly, they appreciate that constant, but considered, iteration to our game plan is essential for success. 

Over the past 12 months, we’ve partnered with the Visa team in APAC to launch our Airwallex Borderless Card, bringing together Airwallex’s market-leading international foreign exchange rates with the benefits of paying with Visa. 

We worked alongside the Shopify team in Asia to educate customers about the ease at which they can be truly global businesses and reach global markets without being burdened by the complexities that were once associated with accessing customers in multiple countries. 

We went live with our integration to Xero - a feature requested by so many of our customers - to help businesses who have multi currency needs, better manage their cash flow.

These are just some examples. The register of ‘thank yous’ is long and also extends to our growing list of global, regional and local bank partners who we work closely with around the world to stretch boundaries and launch first-in-market solutions. 

We are grateful for those who have worked together with us so far to build this fully integrated end-to-end financial services platform for businesses of all sizes. 

More opportunities for growth with Airwallex

We will continue to work hard to bring the Airwallex offering to more and more businesses around the world. The newly raised funds will accelerate our expansion in markets such as the Middle East, Europe and the US and also be invested in growing our suite of products. 

Selecting the right partners with complementary capabilities to address the needs of customers in these new markets and channels will be a process we pay meticulous attention to. I’ve no doubt that those who partner with us will be rewarded with growth opportunities, new learnings and satisfied customers.

With the current state of the world, it is more evident than ever before in our lifetimes that businesses like Airwallex, who have the DNA to be able to adapt and create quickly, have the responsibility to step up to help solve problems that are crippling businesses across the globe. 

We’ll work with partners to share intellectual property and infrastructure to bring solutions to life as quickly as possible. We will invest resources into tackling new use cases, experiment together and reduce risk together. The intangibles of a successful partnership, such as executive sponsorship and support, will be critical.

Through this global pandemic, we are going to see dramatic shifts in how businesses (big and small) evaluate, select and use technology. We’re excited to work together with our partners, both new and existing, to continue to support our customers’ needs and provide them with a truly borderless financial services experience.

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