How Filta helps its clients embrace recruitment without borders

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How Filta helps its clients embrace recruitment without borders
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Filta provides customisable hiring solutions for eCommerce merchants and digital agencies based in Australia, the Philippines, Colombia and Argentina.

Filta’s mission is to empower eCommerce businesses of all sizes to find the best talent anywhere on earth, providing merchants, digital and development agencies with the ultimate global staffing experience. Their team connects onshore businesses with the very best software engineers, creatives, digital marketing specialists and eCommerce customer support representatives.

Understanding the cost of hiring and retaining a high-performing outsourced team 

Filta knows that competition in the outsourcing market is tight, particularly when attracting the best talent. But they don’t just help businesses hire the right people — they help businesses retain those star performers and build team loyalty.

When COVID-19 forced teams to become more distributed, Filta continued to achieve these outcomes, supplying every employee with the tools and support they needed for a work-from-home setup. From laptops and internet allowances to continuing team recognition and celebrations such as virtual lunches, birthdays and anniversaries, their efforts helped Filta grow their team against all odds.

However, this rapid expansion meant that the cost of sending money overseas to pay all their necessary expenses was also rising quickly. But with overseas bank transfers taking longer than a week, supporting their staff and clients grew ever more challenging. They felt the pinch of hefty fees for every transaction.

How a chance meeting created a valuable relationship

Filta co-founders Nerissa and Efren Chaux weren’t actually looking for a new international payments partner when they stumbled upon Airwallex. It was a chance meeting through the Shopify community where they first learned about our services.

Right away, Nerissa and Efren could see the value that Airwallex would deliver to their rapidly growing business. The benefits were obvious with an excellent exchange rate, effortless international transfers, and the ability to charge clients in local currencies.

Streamlined payments mean better business

Airwallex’s virtual payment cards sealed the deal. With immediate creation and no set-up costs, they reduced their administration load significantly while empowering their staff to make purchases without waiting for petty cash or reimbursements.

“Virtual cards have removed a large amount of administrative time and risk when paying for goods and services in other markets. Features such as employee cards and card limits allow us to automate payments such as subscriptions and manage the risk of purchasing goods with the click of a couple of buttons,” says Filta co-founder and CEO Efren Chaux. “This also removes friction from our internal process and creates greater value for our clients.”

Better business means a brighter future

As a people-solution company, working with great people and partners is mission-critical.

Partnering with Airwallex helped them simplify their overseas transfers and streamline client payments. Filta’s teams drastically reduced their teams’ admin hours by deploying virtual cards. It also eliminated the typical risks of paying for goods and services in other markets.

“Airwallex’s rate is as good as anyone else in the market, so we’re definitely saving money,” says Efren. “However, my saving metric is more than just financial. Thanks to the speed in which I can transfer money to local staff in the Philippines along with the virtual cards, we save a lot of time and can create a point of difference in our market by servicing client needs a lot quicker.”

The time savings meant they could focus more on high-value tasks that helped deliver greater value to their clients. What’s more, they’ve reinvested the money they’ve saved by reducing unnecessary fees in activities that support their teams’ wellbeing and career development.

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