Airwallex helps streetwear brand Young Goat spread their message globally

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Airwallex helps streetwear brand Young Goat spread their message globally
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Young Goat is a streetwear brand with a difference. 

Founded in Bristol by a group of university friends, Young Goat partners with charities including Black Minds Matter, Off the Record and Second Step, raising money to support young people with their mental health, whilst producing clothes that are designed to make them feel good. 

From an idea dreamt up in a pub, Young Goat developed fast into a global brand that sells in over 50 countries. With international suppliers as well as customers, they needed a global business account that would allow them to collect and send funds in multiple currencies without excessive fees. 

“The bulk of our manufacturing is done in Portugal, so paying the manufacturers through Airwallex has actually been a dream,” says Young Goat co-founder Arthur Leventhorpe. “It’s so much easier and the exchange rate you get is incredible. It means I can do it on my own without getting a trader in.” 

Young Goat’s mission 

The idea behind Young Goat is that anyone can be ‘the GOAT’, an acronym meaning ‘Greatest Of All Time’. For the Young Goat founders, calling someone ‘the GOAT’ was a way of lifting them up and giving them confidence. 

With mental health issues on the rise at their university, the founders saw the difference that this simple affirmation could make to a person’s self esteem. Young Goat’s mission is to share this positive energy with their customers, helping them become the best version of themselves. 

During Black History Month last year, Young Goat released a t-shirt with all profits going to Black Minds Matter. As well as raising money, Arthur hopes the campaign raised awareness about the great work the charity does.   

Arthur knows firsthand how poor mental health can impact a young person’s life. “Good mental health is inherently linked to our brand identity,” he says. “Which is why I’ve always wanted to give back to mental health charities.”

How Young Goat took their brand global

Young Goat’s mission statement—that anyone can be the GOAT, no matter who they are or where they come from—encouraged the founders to take their brand beyond the UK. 

“The international reach that we’ve garnered has reinforced the idea that this is a concept for everyone,” says Arthur. “How can we say that anyone can be the GOAT, but only sell in the UK?”

International expansion inevitably came with some challenges. The cost of fulfilling orders abroad, and sending money to international suppliers, was an early obstacle. Young Goat was designed to be an accessible brand, so the team didn’t want the cost of international trade to drive up their prices. 

Opening a global business account with Airwallex has allowed them to cut the cost of managing their money across borders. These cost savings are fed straight back to their customers, allowing Young Goat to keep their products affordable. 

This year, the team plans to expand their reach further, growing their product range and branching into women’s wear. They’re also hoping to get Young Goat products stocked in European shops, further building on their international success. 

A global account for fast-growing businesses 

Airwallex helps businesses like Young Goat push into new markets, without the associated costs and admin burdens that can come from trading across borders.

If you’d like to learn more about how Airwallex can help your business cut the cost of sending and receiving money abroad, you can sign up online or click the banner below to watch a 3-minute demo.

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