The Role of FinTech in Modernising Businesses

With the pandemic accelerating the adoption of online payments in the digital economy, FinTech services are now crucial for businesses to remain viable. Yet, 40 percent of firms surveyed are unaware of FinTech and its benefits.

Airwallex is proud to partner with CPA Australia to present “The Role of FinTech in Modernising Businesses” report. This paper will demystify FinTech’s role in business operations and highlight how your organisation can capitalise on it.


The State of FinTech Adoption

of businesses have not adopted any FinTech solutions
of businesses cite high banking fees as a pain point
of businesses cite cybersecurity as a barrier to adoption

what you will learn

Discover how FinTech streamlines processes and drives strategic business growth

The state of business FinTech adoption

Understand the state of FinTech adoption, its key barriers to adoption and the regulatory path forward.

Comprehensive comparison of FinTech versus traditional solutions

Explore how FinTechs stack up against traditional solutions, with case studies from Australian businesses who have adopted FinTech.

Practical FinTech assessment guide for SME businesses

Equip yourself with practical questions to assess a FinTech solution for your business across features, cost, security and support.

FinTech creates new ways to overcome business challenges

Financial technology is innovating the way businesses streamline their finances, leverage growth opportunities and empower their teams in important decision-making. Which of these challenges do you face today that FinTech could help solve?

Labour-intensive financial processes

that take away time from strategic advisory

Limited visibility of business funds and expenses

that prevent effective decision making and creates bottlenecks

Complex finance process

to access lending capital or expand internationally

Deep dive on leading FinTech solutions for businesses

Foreign Currency Transfers and Accounts

Streamlining the way businesses manage multiple currencies and reducing the high foreign exchange fees incurred.

Digital business banking and virtual cards

Providing greater speed and visibility of cash flow with integrations and in-built team expense management features.

FinTech Lending

Faster access to capital for underserved SME businesses with digitised loan application and assessment processes.

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