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Send high-speed business transfers to global suppliers and employees in Kenya from New Zealand at low interbank rates. Funds are received fast, secure, and in as little as one business day at the full amount, guaranteed. Get an Airwallex Business Account and benefit from market-leading FX rates on every transaction, big or small, with zero hidden fees.

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Where possible, payments are made using Airwallex’s local network to eliminate transaction fees and deliver your funds faster and in full. Please note that the rate available at the time you book a FX conversion on the Airwallex platform may be different. We may charge additional transfer fees, for example to cover the cost of using the SWIFT network. For more information, please review our Terms and Conditions, Fee Schedule and Country Payout Guide.

 Why choose Airwallex for business transfers to Kenya?

Pay your global suppliers and employees without the expense and hassle of the traditional banking system.

120+ countries and regions, 60+ currencies

Have payments received in as little as one business day with the full amount on delivery guaranteed.

Access interbank rates

Enjoy market-leading FX rates no matter the transaction size and avoid hidden transaction fees.

Work smarter, not harder

Use batch transfers to send funds in one go to multiple recipients around the world, each with a specified amount.

Simplify your bookkeeping

Connect Airwallex to your favourite accounting software in just a few clicks to automatically reconcile transfers.

FX & Transfers

How to save money when you send money to Kenya

Send money in fast and in full

Simply load your account with NZD, convert funds to KES on the mid-market conversion rate, and send your payment.

Simple, low fees

We charge a small, transparent fee on top of interbank rates. Avoid international transaction fees, sign up fees, and any other hidden fees typically charged by our competitors.

Pay your suppliers like a local

Improve cash flow by paying your suppliers in KES via the local clearing system. This ensures your funds spend less time in transit and more time in your account.

Fast, cost-effective international transfers

How to send money to Kenya from New Zealand

Fund your account

Deposit NZD into your account 

Convert funds

Instantly convert funds to KES

Send your payment

Your recipient receives the entire amount you send

Our global transfer method network

How long will it take to send money to Kenya?

Approximately 70% of transactions are processed within a few hours to one business day, thanks to Airwallex's extensive range of local and international transfer methods. By integrating with local payment systems in more than 120 countries and regions, we provide you with the quickest, most affordable payment solutions available.

High speed international transfers

Best ways to send money to Kenya


Register for an Airwallex Account

Register for your free Airwallex business account and open a domestic or foreign currency account in minutes


Fund your account and convert funds

Fund your account with your NZD and instantly convert funds to KES with access to interbank rates


Send your payment

Send money to suppliers or employees in Kenya within one business day. Your recipient will receive the exact amount, guaranteed

Secure and reliable global money movement

How reliable and safe are Airwallex transfers to Kenya?

24/7 proactive security

Our modern infrastructure, coupled with best-in-class security controls and providers, ensure your funds and accounts are secure 24/7.

Top international security standards

Airwallex adheres to the highest international security standards including PCI DSS, SOC1, and SOC2 compliance, in addition to meeting local regulatory requirements.

Compliance assured

Airwallex Pty Ltd is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) with Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) number 487221.

See what brands work with Airwallex

Airwallex Testimony

"The fees are significantly lower across most of Airwallex’s financial products, and everything is done with super-fast speed. For us, if we’re sending funds to Hong Kong or China for example with Airwallex, they’ll usually arrive the same day or the next day. Your bank could never achieve that."

Jack Grace

Founder, Lux Skin

Airwallex Testimony

“We have contractors based in China, the US, and Europe, and our Airwallex Global Account enables us to make global payments from one simple portal. Having Airwallex as our global trusted partner means we can spend less time on the phone to the bank, and more time instead focusing on growing our business both domestically and internationally.”

Richard Li

Co-founder & CEO, July

Airwallex Testimony

“Airwallex is our one-stop shop for all our banking needs, in one easy-to-use interface. Without Airwallex, we would not have been able to scale our business as fast as what we’ve been able to achieve.”

Andrew Ford and Rosa-Clare Willis

Co-founders, Crockd

Airwallex Testimony

"Airwallex solves the problem of creating currency accounts almost instantly. I can click one button to create a UK account. We haven’t looked back since day one."

Peter Park

Business Improvement Manager, Deliciou

Airwallex Testimony

"These small percentages here and there add up over time with a real bottom line impact. When I see the rates are good, I’ll convert my AUD into USD, knowing that I’ve saved money that I can re-invest into the business in the long-run."

Andy Worley

Co-Owner & Director, Sheet Society

Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to send money to Kenya?

There are several ways to transfer your money overseas. Compared to traditional banks, Airwallex can offer better exchange rates with no (or low) transaction fees, with your money received faster,  which can vary based on the transfer amount and currency pair. 

How long does it take to send money to Kenya?

Airwallex can payout to over 150 countries, with over 120 countries leveraging local transfer networks. Depending on where you’re sending money to, it can arrive within the same day, or within hours.

How do you send money to Kenya?

  1. Register for your free Airwallex business account and open a domestic or foreign currency account in minutes

  2. Fund your account with your NZD and instantly convert funds to KES with access to interbank rates

  3. Send money to suppliers or employees in Kenya within a few hours to  business day. Your recipient will receive the exact amount, guaranteed

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