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Borderless Cards for business travel: enjoy 30% off Uber for Business

Use Airwallex Borderless Card for travel and other business spends to simplify claims, increase visibility and control, and unlock 30% discounts on the first 50 Uber for Business rides!

Offer is valid between 12 June 2023 and 31 December 2023 inclusively. Discount is capped at HK$70 per trip. See eligibility and T&Cs here.

Employee Card

Offer is valid between 12 June 2023 and 31 December 2023 inclusively. Discount is capped at HK$70 per trip. See eligibility and T&Cs here.

Unlock Uber for Business and Airwallex offers in 4 steps

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Sign up online

Sign up on this page to open a free Airwallex business account.

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Upload business verification document

Take 5 minutes to submit required documents and enrol in offers.

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Create free employee cards

Create free employee cards after account activation.

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Enjoy 30% off Uber for Business rides

Redeem Promo Codes using Uber for Business registration link. Please select "self-serve approach".

Uber for Business with Airwallex

Your point-to-point expense management solution for business mobility

Physical and virtual employee cards

Managing business expenses might sometimes be manual and cumbersome, not to mention the lack of visibility and control in employee and team budgets for mobility, F&B, advertising and other necessary spends.

To get your company and employees moving, use Uber for Business and Airwallex Borderless Card to pay and manage rides, and enjoy 30% off for your first 50 trips!

Physical and virtual employee cards

Why Borderless Cards?

Time it takes to create a free employee card online

Foreign Transaction Fee

How much our customers are savings in FX

Improvement our customers see to their profit margins

Cards for Business Travel

Stress-free business travel management

employee virtual and physical cards

Spend any currencies like a local

Transact in 140+ currencies with Borderless Cards and save on international transactions as well as FX fees.

Easily create company cards for you and your team

Instantly create Borderless Cards in just a few clicks to make business travel spending a breeze.

Keep business travel expenses within budget

Remotely manage business travel budgets from a single platform. Set spending limits and monitor card spendings real-time.

employee virtual and physical cards

Scale your business, not your workload

Free up your team from expense admin

No more frantic month-end deadlines. Eliminate reimbursements and review card transactions as they flow through in real-time.

Ensure seamless compliance

Never worry about a mystery payment again. Store all those miscellaneous tax invoices and receipts so you’ll never get caught out.

Manage expenses on the go

Upload receipts, categorise expenses and get notifications via the Airwallex mobile app.

See how our customers are finding Airwallex

Airwallex Testimony

"Airwallex has been a game changer for all our banking needs. As a fast-growing startup, we need a scalable yet cost-efficient batch payment solution to pay our employees and vendors both inside and outside Hong Kong. Airwallex helps us save money on every bank transfer with their near-zero transaction fee and market-beating FX rates. We also use Airwallex’s multi-currency Visa cards for business travel expenses and SaaS subscriptions to avoid hidden bank fees that would otherwise have been difficult to spot. Would highly recommend other startups to get started with Airwallex!"

Henson Tsai

Founder, SleekFlow

Airwallex Testimony

"Importing the best wine and sake overseas always involve extra costs on transaction fee & FX fee. With Airwallex, we saved 100% of our overseas remittance cost and we could provide the best price for our customers."

Tomy Wu

Co-Founder, MyiCellar

Airwallex Testimony

"Airwallex is an innovative fintech platform with a first-class customer support team. They transformed the previously painful process of creating corporate cards and managing business accounts into something simple, convenient, and cost-effective. The onboarding was quick and smooth, the security features exceeded our expectations, and most importantly, it is really easy to use. Airwallex saves a lot of my team's time and the simplicity is genius."

Gavin Black

Interim CEO & Chief Financial Officer, PURE Group

Airwallex Testimony

"I’m so thankful that Airwallex exists! In Hong Kong, it's so hard to find financial service providers that are friendly to small businesses. Airwallex allows me to exchange currencies at really great rates, and the interface is very modern and easy to use compared to my bank. We save so much money with Airwallex! In just a few months, we've already saved more than HK$78,000 in unnecessary fees!"

Jennifer Chong

CEO, Linjer

Airwallex Testimony

"Airwallex provides us with flexibility and cost savings on our international fund flows. We are using Airwallex to pay international suppliers and are saving up to 90% on transaction fees and FX verses traditional banks - thanks to their competitive exchange rate and low transaction costs."

Kelvin Kan

Founder, Homemakase

Airwallex Testimony

"Airwallex has been great for our team - it makes payments and transfers so much easier, and has saved us significant amounts of time compared to what we were doing before with HSBC. Airwallex's platform is easy to use and very intuitive. Airwallex virtual card has solved most of our painpoints with sharing corporate card numbers and credit card limits. The best part is being able to save money on all our monthly bank transfers, and we've already saved thousands of dollars by using Airwallex. Airwallex's support has also been highly responsive to troubleshoot any issues in a timely manner."

Sarah Chang

Co-founder & COO, Forkast.News

Airwallex Testimony

"Airwallex offers both physical and virtual corporate cards tailored to the needs of different staff. Their virtual corporate card can even be set up in just 1 minute. Its features make expense management and approval processes notably easier for us."

Justin Chu

General Manager, K Dollar Program

Airwallex Testimony

"With Airwallex, we were able to start accepting local payments quickly. Because the user experience is intuitive and the checkout process faster, we’ve actually had a 50% increase in shoppers using local payment methods."


Business Development Director, Slowood

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enjoy Uber for Business offers?

All existing or new Airwallex customers who have successfully (a) enrolled as an U4B client using Uber’s designated self-serve registration link; and (b) added an Eligible Airwallex Card as the default payment method under their respective U4B corporate account for the settlement of Uber trips are able to enjoy this offer. Up to 50 unique Promo Codes will be provided and redeemable within an Uber App user’s business profile.

Details of the Promo Code: (a) 30% off one (1) Uber trip, capped at HK$70 per trip; (b) Valid Term: 4 months from the date on which Uber generates the Promo Code; and (c) Available Area: Hong Kong SAR only. Promotion starts on 12 June 2023 and ends on 31 December 2023, inclusively. T&Cs apply.

How to register an Uber for Business account?

Visit this link and select "Sign up now" under the self-serve approach.

How can I create employee cards? What are the documents required?

If you are an existing user of Airwallex, you can use the Airwallex Webapp and follow the easy step-by-step guide to create employee cards. If you are a new user, you will first need to submit the required documents and activate the account.

You will need to submit your Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration, ID of Authorised Person and other applicable documents in order to complete the verification process before activating your account. You may refer to this page for more details on required documents.

I have submitted the required documents, how long will it take for me to obtain the verification results?

It will usually take 1-3 working days. Be sure to keep an eye on your email, as our onboarding team may reach out to you for more supporting documents.

I am an existing user of Airwallex, am I eligible for Uber for Business offers?

Yes. All existing or new Airwallex customers who have successfully (a) enrolled as an U4B client using Uber’s designated self-serve registration link; and (b) added an Eligible Airwallex Card as the default payment method under their respective U4B corporate account for the settlement of Uber trips are able to enjoy this offer.

Security is at our core


We partner with leading financial institutions to collect and move your funds. For more information on how we keep your funds safe, click here.

Highest standards

Airwallex meets the highest international security standards including PCI DSS, SOC1, and SOC2 compliance, in addition to our local regulatory requirements.

Security first

Our modern infrastructure allows us to implement best-in-class security controls which are monitored 24/7 to keep your account safe.


Airwallex is regulated by the Customs & Excise Department and holds a Money Service Operators (MSO) license.

Take a ride with Airwallex Borderless Card.

Physical and virtual employee cards
Physical and virtual employee cards