Programmatically open and manage domestic and foreign currency accounts all around the world

Set up global accounts in real-time to serve the needs of your customers and business use cases.

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Enabling your business to offer financial services

Platforms and marketplaces

Build your own financial ecosystem with your customers and business partners.

SaaS companies

Extend your offering into financial services products using our global infrastructure.


Open accounts in seconds for your customers around the world using our APIs.


The modern tech stack for global businesses

Immediately available

Provision accounts in 11+ currencies, in real time. Avoid complex application processes or approval delays.

Flexible structuring

Create separate business accounts to be used for receivables and payables with different counterparties, so accounting reconciliation is never a problem.

Compliant by design

Leverage our global licenses, security standards and built-in compliance procedures to launch financial products within days.

Implement our Global Accounts API with confidence

Developer first

Expedite your development process with our full-featured API and comprehensive documentation.

Reliable delivery at scale

Always available, continuously upgraded and suitable for organisations big and small.

Build fast with more flexibility

Create custom payment workflows to suit your business use cases.

Start streamlining your financial operations

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