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Bring your customers and ecosystem partners together with our full stack account management, cards, multi-currency account and payouts solution.

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Extend your platform capabilities with Scale


Programmatically create connected accounts for your merchants and offer account management, FX and real-time payments.

SaaS and technology companies

Enable your customers with real-time payout capability via your platform.

Brand platforms

Increase your platform revenue by offering a comprehensive suite of adjacent financial services products.

Your platform powered by Scale

With your organisation at the centre, buyers and sellers, clients and suppliers, and any parties that you interact with are added to the platform. Funds move quickly and seamlessly between partners, reducing uncertainty, removing manual processing, and improving your platform's overall user experience.

Card received
Single-use cardAUD
Card payment
Online paymentAUD
Card issued left 2
Payment processed left


Scale enabled

Cards issued
Payment processed
Transfer processed
Instant transfer
$24,000 USD
Payment received
$4,240.00 USD
Received realtime
$24,000 USD
Card received
Multi-use cardUSD
payment proccessed right 2
Card issued right 2
transfer 1st 2
transfer 2nd 2


Grow your business with Scale

Streamlined onboarding and compliance

Stay focused on building your product and growing your business while Airwallex will take care of all KYC, AML, sanctions screening, and identity verification requirements.

Overcome international barriers

Built with global platforms in mind, our Scale API manages the payout and FX complexities of enabling your users to transact internationally.

Settle payouts in real-time

Funds can be transferred directly and immediately between connected accounts on your platform.

Accelerate innovation with our Scale API

Developer first

One easy-to-understand, universal REST API to manage your platform’s underlying payment infrastructure.

Build a customised user experience

Our Scale API provides everything you need to embed a bespoke payment experience within your platform – from onboarding to transaction monitoring.

Rapidly scale to production

Get to market faster with an integrated solution for managing your users' accounts, payouts and FX.

Start streamlining your financial operations

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