What really matters.

The world as we know it is no longer the same.

Changes that would normally take decades have materialised in just a matter of months in 2021. The digital evolution is here and now - and we are at the centre.

What we do today will determine our future tomorrow. We want to embrace this moment with absolute clarity on what really matters.

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Taking the first step

I started a specialty coffee shop with Max in 2014. We needed to purchase coffee cups and packaging overseas; nothing was easy but making international payments the traditional way was extremely manual and expensive. We decided to solve this problem by founding Airwallex with Xijing, Lucy and Ki-Lok.

Jack Zhang

Co-founder & CEO, Airwallex


The greatest inventions in human history did not come from mediocrity and minimal effort. At Airwallex, we started with a curious mind and an idea to build and make the world better. We were seeking the truth. In five years we have achieved things beyond our imagination, and yet we are only at the beginning. Imagine what we can achieve next!

A Better Future

The future is uncertain. Embracing uncertainty requires us to test our assumptions about the shape of the future, ask ‘what if’ questions and explore possibilities, while admitting that we don't know all the answers. We want to avoid the trap of living within the parameters of what has already been defined by others, because this is the only way to create a better future and achieve extraordinary outcomes.


Without whom our infrastructure would be of codes and rails, a solution without a problem! Our customers are why we are here - so knowing them, keeping them and consistently delivering a superior experience is the only way we can fulfill our mission.


We are drawn to people who bleed obsessive curiosity and uncompromising idealism. Talents with this ‘grit’ have figured out how to make it through life without drowning in boredom and a lack of purpose. And they have learned to take on challenges, apply their own passion and make an impact in the world.

Execution Velocity

To compete we need execution velocity. Technology is changing so quickly, if we don’t lead, we will never catch up. This is the reason we are impatient and intense. We have to act fast and sharp - so that we can capture opportunities, compete and be better in solving the important business problems for our customers.

Share in Success

The company we have built is a melting pot of cultures and a tribe of mission-driven individuals working together to achieve a global vision. This strong sense of ownership goes beyond our mindset and spirit. We value everyone’s contributions and work to ensure we can share in the long term success of our company be it through financial rewards or employee share options.


More than anything, the reason we show up every day is our desire to make an impact. We have one purpose in mind - to empower businesses of all sizes to grow without borders. When we succeed, we create a better world with what we do.

Our Values

Airwallex has everything we need to be successful if we can hold ourselves accountable to the culture we build and the values we live. Above all, we have to believe in, understand and live these values each and every day.

Our values

Customers First

Our customers are why we are here. Knowing them, keeping them and consistently delivering a superior experience is the only way we can fulfill our mission.

Intellectual Honesty

We want to constantly seek the truth, to be open, constructive and transparent, approaching every problem with data and facts, not conjecture and opinion.

Obsessive Curiosity

We always start by asking why and seek to understand. We have a hunger for knowledge, seek challenges that are insatiably interesting and always consider if there are better ideas.


We create products and solutions with passion, finesse and meticulous attention-to-detail. We strive for the highest quality, design, and security without compromising commercial objectives.

Inspire and Be Inspired

We are a melting pot of cultures and ideas, and we recognise that happy, healthy and highly-functioning teams are inclusive and diverse. We celebrate success, share knowledge, learn and grow together.

Make Impact

The reason we show up every day is our desire to make an impact and create a better world with what we do. We have one purpose in mind - to empower businesses of all sizes to grow without borders and scale the digital economy.

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