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International business transfers to Thailand

Streamline your payments to suppliers, vendors, contractors and employees in Thailand and access market-leading FX rates no matter the transaction size.

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Save money as you pay vendors and suppliers in Thailand

Pay your suppliers and employees in Thailand without the expense and hassle of the traditional banking system.

150+ countries and regions, 60+ currencies

Access Airwallex's global network and send money to Thailand, with payments received in as little as one business day.

Access market-leading FX rates

Enjoy market-leading FX rates and avoid hidden transaction fees. Protect your business from volatile markets with FX Forward.

Pay up to 1,000 recipients or bills in one go

Use our batch transfers capability to send funds to multiple recipients in Thailand in one go, each with a specified amount.

Simplify your bookkeeping

Connect Airwallex to your favourite accounting software in just a few clicks to automatically reconcile transfers, saving time and cost.

How it works

Send money to Thailand with Airwallex in 3 simple steps


Sign up for a free Airwallex business account

Add funds in your preferred currency and manage in a multi-currency account.


Convert funds from HKD to THB or other currencies

Select your currency of choice and enter the amount of money you wish to convert.


Send your payment

Initiate a transfer to Thailand and track the progress of your transfer in real-time with live updates.

Airwallex Testimony

"Using Airwallex’s FX and international payment services, I am able to pay my global employees directly in local currencies within the same day via local routes, avoiding the high TT charges while enjoying market-beating exchange rates. Unlike many major banks, Airwallex does not charge a batch payment processing fee on international money transfers. This allows me to upload all of my payment requests in one go, saving time and money."

Henson Tsai

Founder and CEO, SleekFlow

Airwallex Testimony

"Importing the best wine and sake overseas always involve extra costs on transaction fee & FX fee. With Airwallex, we saved 100% of our overseas remittance cost and we could provide the best price for our customers."

Tomy Wu

Co-Founder, MyiCellar

Airwallex Testimony

"Airwallex provides us with flexibility and cost savings on our international fund flows. We are using Airwallex to pay international suppliers and are saving up to 90% on transaction fees and FX verses traditional banks - thanks to their competitive exchange rate and low transaction costs."

Kelvin Kan

Founder, Homemakase

Access our global transfer method network

Airwallex offers you a wide array of local and global transfer options to make sure you get the fastest and most cost-effective solution.

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Explore our growing network of 150+ payout countries and regions

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Explore our growing network of 150+ payout countries and regions

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FX and Transfers

The ability to transact like a local

Receive business account details instantly

Open a free account with us instantly and get a dedicated account number along with a local branch and bank code for your business.

Transfer to suppliers or contractors globally

Airwallex's connection to local payment rails allows your business to bypass the SWIFT network. Faster transfers, no international transaction fees.

Receive payments with our eCommerce plugin integrations

Our integrations with platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce mean you can collect payments from your customers globally, converting only when needed.

Frequently asked questions

What is an international money transfer?

An international money transfer is a money transfer to a recipient bank outside of your domestic country. You don’t need to open a business account with a bank in a foreign country to send a payment overseas. With Airwallex, you can easily make fast one-time or recurring international transfers in multiple currencies at bank-beating FX rates.

What is the fastest way to transfer money to Thailand?

With Airwallex, you no longer have to wait several business days for your funds to reach Thailand. Thanks to our proprietary payment network, you'll be able to make one-time or recurring high-speed, cost-effective international transfers. The majority of transfers made via Airwallex arrive within the same day, meaning your global suppliers and employees get paid faster than if you were to use legacy offerings.

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