Send simple links, and get paid fast

Create a link in Airwallex and share it with your customers, wherever they are in the world. Get paid in the currency and payment method of their choice.

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We’ve got you covered, no matter your industry

Professional services

Receive payments from international clients and empower your customers to pay the way that suits them.

Wholesale & trading

For modern B2B and B2C wholesale traders looking to receive online payments without having to incur additional transaction cost and unnecessary conversion fees.

Creators & influencers

Share your payment link or QR code directly with your customers through your preferred social media and chat apps.

Create. Share. Get Paid.

Generate payment links easily

Create unique, secure one-time or reusable payment links directly in Airwallex, for multiple customers.

Share the link anywhere

Share your payment link via email, SMS, or embed it directly on your invoice alongside your branding and logo.

Know exactly when you get paid

Track your payments within Airwallex and get notified by email when you receive a successful payment.

We make payments easier — for everyone

It’s easy to get started

Create, share, and manage your Payment Links directly from the Airwallex webapp—no coding required.

No more forced conversion fees

Accept payments in 170+ currencies and get settled in 8 currencies. Along with our Global Accounts, Airwallex eliminates unnecessary conversion fees.

Built for your global customers

With Online Payments, Airwallex lets your customers pay with their preferred payment methods. Reaching new markets has never been easier.

An all-in-one business account

Collect and spend in multiple currencies, all using products available in your Airwallex account.

You don't need a bank to run your business

Start winning new markets today. Open an account in minutes, and join thousands of businesses already using Airwallex to streamline their finances globally.

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