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Global expense management made easy

End-to-end expense management for every business. Reconcile your corporate card expenses and reimbursements in one place, gain real-time visibility and control over employee spending, globally.

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Manage all your business expenses in one place

Simplify global business expenses with built-in expense management for your Borderless cards and out-of-pocket expenses. Move away from manual processes that sap time and distract your team members from their core jobs.

Submit expenses on the go

Empower employees to upload receipts and submit expenses on the go via the Airwallex mobile app.

Gain real-time visibility of spend

See a complete view of team expenses in one place and easily explore details of individual transactions.

Manage risk and improve compliance

Design multi-layer approval workflows, set expense submission criteria, and instantly review and approve expenses via mobile.

Eliminate manual data entry with the support of AI

Employees can upload receipts directly and Airwallex will automatically extract all relevant details using OCR technology, no manual data entry needed.


Simplify reimbursements for employees globally

Hassle-free global reimbursements

Empower your employees across markets to submit expenses in multiple currencies and get reimbursed to their local bank account.

Effortless reporting

Save time and simplify submissions and approvals by grouping multiple expenses into one report.

Faster payouts

Global employees get reimbursed quickly leveraging Airwallex high-speed, local transfer rails.

Multi-Entity Management

Spend efficiently across multiple business entities

Manage card expenses and reimbursements at an entity level

Create separate accounts for each entity and accurately associate expenses.

Streamline operational oversight

Seamlessly manage spend across all of your entities from one unified platform.

Customise multi-layered approval workflows

Set custom controls and workflows for each entity under your master account.

For Admins

Create more visibility and control for your managers, administrators, and finance teams

Get a 360 degree view of your employee spend

View all expenses from a single dashboard and easily filter by status. View individual card expenses and reimbursements when needed, including receipts.

Set card controls to ensure appropriate spending

Establish a variety of spend limits including per transaction limits to manage card expenses effectively

Set up multi-layer approval workflows

Define multiple approval layers based on spend thresholds and set specific approvers at each layer.

For Employees

Free your employees from the pain of missing receipts and manual expense reports

Never miss an expense

All of an employee’s card expenses are automatically available to them in one place and can be filtered by status. Say goodbye to forgotten purchases and delayed submissions.

Simplify submissions

Employees can review their purchases, upload pictures of receipts, categorise spends, and easily submit expenses via desktop or the Airwallex mobile app.

Accounting Integrations

Automate workflows by integrating with your accounting software

Easily import your accounting information

Import your chart of accounts, locations, tax rates, and more so that employees can code expenses directly within Airwallex.

Streamline reconciliation

Automatically sync card expenses and reimbursements back to your accounting software to save time on reconciliation.

Integrate with ease

Connect Airwallex to popular accounting platforms in just a few simple clicks.

Airwallex Testimony

"With Airwallex, we can reconcile our expenses in one place, which helps us save time on expense management. It can automatically sync all company card expenses into our Xero account for seamless bookkeeping."

Dominic Law

CEO, World of Neopets

Airwallex Testimony

"Airwallex is compatible with our accounting system Xero, so we can streamline our entire claims and payment process and minimise the chances of making mistakes."

Henson Tsai

Founder and CEO, SleekFlow

Airwallex Testimony

"Airwallex offers both physical and virtual corporate cards tailored to the needs of different staff. Their virtual corporate card can even be set up in just 1 minute. Its features make expense management and approval processes notably easier for us."

Justin Chu

General Manager, K Dollar Program

Borderless Cards

Scale faster with Borderless Cards

Create multi-currency employee and company cards in minutes and stay in control of all purchases from a single dashboard, in real-time. They’re free to create and you can start using them immediately online.

Avoid surprise foreign transaction fees and other hidden charges, so you can reinvest every dollar back into your growth.

Frequently asked questions

What is an expense management solution?

An expense management solution is software that helps businesses manage employee-initiated spending on corporate cards and out-of-pocket expenses. Expense management tools are designed to eliminate all manual tasks associated with expense management. They save time, increase productivity, eliminate human error and lend greater insights into your company's finances.

Airwallex Expenses gives you a simplified way to collect receipts and expense information from your employees, ultimately enabling you to reconcile your business’s expenses and close your books faster. Employees submit receipts and expense information directly in the product for admins to review and approve. Once approved, all expense information, including receipts, gets synced with your company’s accounting system.

Can I integrate Airwallex Expenses with my accounting software?

Airwallex is integrated with Xero, Netsuite and Quickbooks in most regions. Through these integrations you can import your expense information such as chart of accounts, locations and tax rates and sync expenses back to your accounting software.

Can I still use Airwallex Expenses without an accounting software integration?

In case Airwallex does not offer a direct integration with your accounting software, you can still collect, store and track receipts for each transaction. Additionally, we recommend using our custom accounting plug-in to:

  1. Upload accounting data

  2. Enable employees to categorise expenses using this data

  3. Export completed expenses with relevant expense information and upload them into your accounting software

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