Subscription Management

Subscription management at your fingertips

Accept subscription payments from your global customers in 170+ currencies and 10+ global payment methods.

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Recurring payments that scale with you

Airwallex's subscription capabilities allow you to manage the lifecycle of subscription and recurring payments from your global customers, including complex billing use cases and retry logic, across a variety of payment methods.

Subscription payments, without lifting a finger

All the tools you need to manage complex subscription logic, customer and payment information.

Sell globally from day one

Accept subscription payments in 170+ currencies with numerous payment methods including cards, e-wallets, and direct debit. Discover more about our payment capabilities.

Supercharge your payment stack

Maximize your cash flow and settle payments directly into your multi-currency wallet without unnecessary FX conversions.

Protect your revenue

Built-in smart retry logic and reminders on all missed payments to help you collect more revenue and reduce involuntary churn from failed payments.

Integration Methods

Choose the integration path that’s right for you

Integrate in several ways ranging from using a pre-built integration, to developing your UI for full control over your checkout experience.

Hosted Payment Page

Save on development resources by redirecting customers to an Airwallex-hosted page on your own web store. We take care of the whole payments journey.

Drop-ins and Embedded Elements

Use our pre-built UI components to easily design and show a unified payment methods list on your checkout page or show payment methods separately under different blocks.

API or Mobile SDK

Take full control over your checkout experience by building directly via our API in the back end or accept payments in your iOS or Android app using our mobile SDKs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is subscription management?

Subscription management refers to a set of tools you need to manage your customer’s subscription lifecycle from the moment they sign up to purchase your product or service, till the point they cancel or end the subscription. Throughout which, our system handle all the aspects of trial management, invoicing, and automated recurring billing.

How does it work?

The subscription APIs work hand in hand with our Online Payment APIs. Once you send us the customer and subscription plan information and we have a payment method the payer inputs, we will automatically perform periodical invoicing and billing. You can manage all trial period, plan upgrade and downgrades, and cancellations via our API as well.

How to accept subscription payments?

Integrate your checkout page with our subscription APIs to start accepting subscription payments in 170+ currencies and 10+ payment methods worldwide. With a wide variety of integration methods to choose from, we support the needs of every business. With a simple API integration, you can set your subscription payments on autopilot.

Start streamlining your financial operations