The European fintech events not to miss in 2024

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The European fintech events not to miss in 2024
Overview of European fintech events

With over 25 major fintech events, summits, and exhibitions across the UK and continental Europe, 2024 promises to be another exciting year for the European fintech industry. This year's hot topics are merchant payments, digital identity, embedded finance, cybersecurity, AI, data, and cloud technology.

As a global financial platform serving 100,000 businesses worldwide (many within Europe) Airwallex is an active participant in these forums. For that reason, we thought we’d share a useful list of fintech events where you might meet us and network with other relevant partners in the fintech industry.    

You can also check out our comprehensive fintech events not to miss in the UK and the top 10 global events not to miss.

Digital Insurance Summit 

7–8 February 2024, London

Set at the renowned Hurlingham Club, this two-day summit explores the evolving world of digital insurance. The Digital Insurance Summit has a single stage for over 40 speakers from top European insurance companies. There are also ample networking opportunities, invite-only workshops and roundtable discussions. Join digital, innovation, customer, and IT executives from Europe's major insurance firms to discuss the convergence of technology and insurance.

Banking Renaissance

7–9 February 2024, Amsterdam

Taking place at the Viñoly building in Gustav Mahlerplein 2, this three-day conference focuses on important banking themes such as the influence of artificial intelligence on user experience, strategies in risk management and regulatory compliance, worldwide best practices in digital transformation, the roles of data & analytics, Banking as a Service (BaaS) and cloud computing. Banking Renaissance offers a unique opportunity to connect with more than 250 banking executives from around the globe.

STHLM Fintech Week 

12–16 February 2024, Stockholm

Hosted at Sergel Hub in Stockholm, this week-long fintech event offers extensive insight into the Nordic fintech landscape, which is celebrated for its cutting-edge innovations and forward-thinking policies. The main conference, scheduled for 14-15 February, features a single stage with over 45 experts speaking on subjects such as embedded finance, paytech and the application of AI in fintech. STHLM Fintech Week provides an opportunity to network with decision-makers from over 600 companies across more than 40 countries.

Finovate Europe 

27–28 February 2024, London

Taking place at the famous O2 in London, Finovate Europe is an essential calendar item for anyone in the finance industry. As an attendee, you can delve into every facet of digital transformation in financial services, offered through diverse perspectives. There is a lineup of more than 100 speakers sharing their insights through keynotes, power panels and fireside chats. Additionally, there are over 35 fintech demonstrations. This fintech networking event also offers curated one-on-one meetings, providing a chance to connect with a distinguished audience of over a thousand decision-makers from the world's leading financial institutions, often described as “fintech’s most senior audience”.

MoneyLive Summit

6–7 March 2024, London

Located at the QEII Centre, this two-day summit examines the latest developments in banking and payments. It's especially relevant for executives keen on understanding changes in consumer behaviour and the future of money. MoneyLive Summit features over 150 speakers, including CEOs from the world's top banks. With discussions spread across five stages, you can learn about payment innovations, open finance and digital currencies, among other topics. This fintech summit is perfect for interacting with leaders from prominent banks, leading fintech companies, regulatory bodies and superapps.

Future of Dutch Payments 

7 March 2024, Amsterdam

Held at the Beurs van Berlage, this one-day conference delves into topics like the digital euro, the role of AI in finance and the challenge of cybercrime. Future of Dutch Payments, or “Toekomst van het betalingsverkeer”, is a key conference for payment professionals from the Netherlands. The event is particularly relevant for directors, heads, and managers of payment systems from banks, insurers, payment providers, IT companies, government institutions, advocacy groups and legal service providers. This blend of experts ensures a comprehensive exploration of the digital payment landscape's current and future challenges.

Financial Cloud Summit 

7 March 2024, London

Held at King's Place, this one-day summit is an excellent opportunity to understand the role of cloud technology in financial services. The event will concentrate on the three essential stages of cloud technology application: strategy development, migration processes and optimisation techniques. It's an ideal platform for leaders from the banking, payments, and fintech industries to come together and discuss how to bridge the gaps in cloud technology effectively. Financial Cloud Summit aims to offer actionable insights and strategies to help businesses transition to cloud-based solutions, making it crucial for those seeking to enhance their operations through cloud technology.

Merchant Payments Ecosystem 

12–14 March 2024, Berlin

Hosted at Berlin's InterContinental Hotel, this high-profile event is a must-visit for merchant services and payments executives. It focuses on the forefront of payment processing innovations and enhancing user experiences. The three-day conference features expert-led tracks and workshops tailored explicitly to merchant payment solutions. Merchant Payments Ecosystem boasts an impressive lineup of over 160 industry-leading speakers and brings together more than 350 merchants. Discussions delve into critical topics such as the advancement of open banking, effective strategies in fraud prevention, innovative point-of-sale experiences and acquisition strategies tailored for digital commerce. It’s the perfect fintech networking event to make new connections with top payment service providers, merchants and acquirers. 

FTT Lending & Future Identity Finance 

19 March 2024, London

Co-located at etc.venues St Paul’s, FTT Lending and Future Identity Finance are world-leading events in lending and identity in finance. Both events are accessible with a single ticket. FTT Lending features over 90 speakers across two stages, addressing critical topics like regulation & duty, modern borrower behaviour and emerging lending types. Future Identity Finance, on the other hand, hosts 45 speakers. This event offers an opportunity to meet and network with over 500 attendees, including representatives from retail, corporate banks, insurers, lenders, regulators and technology enablers. 


19–20 March 2024, London

Held at the ExCel Centre in London, Pay360 presents a vital opportunity for payment professionals to explore the ever-changing dynamics of payment systems. With over 120 expert speakers and more than 150 exhibitors, the agenda of Pay360 is strategically divided: the first day focuses on the future of consumer payments and the second on business-related payment solutions. As a participant, you can engage in comprehensive discussions, panel debates, keynote presentations, interactive workshops and fireside chats covering crucial topics like regulation, financial inclusion, merchant payments and open banking. The event is an ideal networking platform, bringing together over 4000 professionals from various areas of the payment industry. The exhibition is free for visitors, but the conference is for ticketholders only.

The Banking Scene Conference

26 March 2024, Amsterdam

This one-day event at the Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam focuses on "The Paradigm Shift in Banking: Transforming the Rules of Engagement." Leading minds from Dutch and European financial institutions come together to discuss key topics such as enhanced customer experiences, streamlining operations and transforming the expectations of financial service providers. The Banking Scene Conference is the perfect place to meet like-minded professionals interested in shaping the bank of the future.

May 21 2024, Brussels

Later in the year, The Banking Scene Conference moves to the Maison de la Poste in Brussels. This edition features two distinct tracks: one concentrating on payments and another on banking. Additionally, there are practical workshops, inspiration sessions and a demo stage to provide concrete takeaways. With more than 400 banking professionals from Belgium and beyond, this is the country’s leading banking conference. 

100 European Fintech Summit 

3–5 April 2024, Valencia

Taking place in the architecturally magnificent Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, 100 European Fintech Summit is a unique fintech event, presenting the top 100 fintech startups and offering insights into the future of the industry. The primary focus areas of the summit are artificial intelligence and green finance, some of the hottest topics in fintech. This event is "the first European reunion where financial industry leaders and the best Fintech startups convene to engage in business, forge alliances, and shape the future of financial services in the EU zone". As a participant, you can meet with the 100 finest fintech startups and scaleups handpicked by EURAFI. Additionally, the event facilitates interaction with other corporations, banks and administrative bodies, providing a platform for strategic alliances and new business opportunities.

Innovate Finance Global Summit (IFGS)

15–16 April 2024, London

Hosted at The Guildhall, this global summit is the pinnacle of fintech events in London, offering a platform for international collaboration and thought leadership in the sector. Spanning two days, the summit is structured around three key stages, each focusing on innovation in fintech, its impact on various industries and sectors, and the risks and opportunities emerging in this fast-evolving field. While the full agenda is yet to be disclosed, attendees can expect a comprehensive overview of current and future trends. The Innovate Finance Global Summit also features an exhibition hall showcasing the best of UK fintech. Additionally, there are opportunities for one-to-one networking, topical roundtables, networking drinks and a dedicated demo area. This summit offers unparalleled opportunities to engage with senior stakeholders, influential journalists and government officials, making it a must-attend event for fintech professionals.

AI in Finance Summit 

25-26 April 2024, London

This two-day summit, organised by Re-work, extensively explores the application of artificial intelligence in the finance sector, a crucial domain for technological progress and innovation. The AI in Finance Summit is an opportunity to learn about the diverse applications of AI and machine learning across the banking and financial services industry. The summit features over 20 speakers, including leading data science engineers from major banks. Participants include industry leaders, influential technologists, data scientists and founders at the forefront of the machine-learning revolution. Hence, this is an essential event for professionals and enthusiasts interested in the intersection of AI and finance.

ACAMS Europe Conference 

6–8 May 2024, Amsterdam

This three-day conference is crucial for those keen to understand and navigate the compliance and anti-money laundering sector in Europe. The ACAMS Europe Conference starts with specialised training and workshops on the 6th, leading into the main conference on the 7th and 8th. The conference is a training and networking hub featuring over 90 seasoned speakers. As a participant, you can engage in at least 16 expertly crafted sessions, with a significant focus on integrating AI and machine learning to combat financial crime. It presents a prime opportunity to connect with C-level executives and senior leaders in compliance, fraud prevention and anti-financial crime.

The Global Excellence in Digital Banking 

13–16 May 2024, Amsterdam

This week-long summit, organised by PulseCore-Events, is centred around digital banking excellence, an area of paramount importance for banks striving to maintain a competitive edge. At The Global Excellence in Digital Banking, an impressive roster of over 380 speakers delves into a variety of critical topics, including the future opportunities and significant concerns in digital banking, Buy Now Pay Later schemes, cyber threats and the development of personalised product development. With more than 1100 participating companies, this summit is a unique opportunity to meet and engage with global leaders, innovators and experts in digital banking.

Nordic Fintech Summit 

16 May 2024, Helsinki

Held at the Wanha Satama, this summit showcases the Nordic fintech ecosystem, renowned for its progressive and innovative approach. The summit's primary objective is to examine the role of fintech as a key driver of sustainable growth, boosting not just the financial services sector but also innovative enterprises across various industries. The Nordic Fintech Summit features over 60 speakers who discuss advancements in digital banking and the dynamics of digital payments. It offers a unique opportunity to meet and network with over 700 decision-makers, including leading tech experts in finance from the Nordic and Baltic regions.

FTT Embedded Finance & Superapps

21 May 2024, London

Held for one day at etc.venues Bishopsgate, FTT Embedded Finance & Superapps explores important themes such as the implications of financial services offered outside traditional financial institutions. Expert speakers also examine who benefits from embedding these products and services into new channels and discuss whether superapps are becoming a new necessity. Additionally, the event addresses the challenges associated with embedding financial services and the technologies enabling this integration, going beyond the realms of payment, insurance, and wealth management. As an attendee, you can access two co-located events: Customer Alpha Europe and Future Identity Customer. Customer Alpha features over 150 speakers focusing on customer experience, customer data and next-generation technologies. Meanwhile, Future Identity Customer brings together 50 speakers and includes a technology expo, highlighting topics like transaction monitoring and fraud prevention. Bringing together CEOs, CFOs, heads of payment, and directors of identity from banks, fintechs, and superapps, these events offer a unique networking opportunity, 

Epay Summit

21 May 2024, London

This one-day summit in central London is a must-attend event for professionals in the e-payment sector. The ePay Summit is an excellent platform for leading e-commerce professionals, payment solution providers, fraud and security experts and top retailers. A vital feature of the summit is its 100% discussion-led agenda. This format ensures an engaging and interactive environment where attendees can dive deep into the topics, share insights and collaboratively explore the evolving landscape of electronic payments. The focus on discussion and exchange makes the ePay summit an essential gathering for those looking to stay ahead in the rapidly advancing field of e-payments.

Money 20/20 Europe 

4-6 June 2024, Amsterdam

Money20/20 Europe, taking place at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Center, is arguably the biggest event for the fintech industry. 

This event especially benefits fintech firms looking to connect with merchants and engage in meaningful commercial conversations. It features a bustling exhibition floor enriched with insightful content sessions and presentations by world-class speakers. 

Spanning three days, the 2024 show is themed "Human X Machine", reflecting the intersection of human ingenuity and technological advancement in the financial sector. The event is expected to attract over 8,500 attendees, representing more than 2,300 companies from over 100 countries. With 350+ speakers, Money20/20 Europe is the epicentre for everyone who matters in the world of money, from global leaders to emerging challengers. 

At Money 20/20, you can meet diverse professionals, including banking experts, startups, merchants and payment professionals. While the speakers and specific topics for 2024 are yet to be confirmed, you may expect a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the latest trends and innovations in fintech.

DeFi Retreat (Europe)

10–11 June 2024, Paris

Set in Paris, this exclusive two-day retreat focuses on the rapidly evolving sector of decentralised finance (DeFi), a field transforming the landscape of financial interactions. The event begins with a welcoming reception on the first day, followed by a panel discussion on the second. The DeFi Retreat is part of a prestigious series of international forums designed to encourage vital collaboration between public and private entities in blockchain-driven finance. The retreat is an intimate gathering, limited to 175 participants who are managing directors, vice presidents and C-level executives from government agencies, fintech companies, venture capital companies, financial institutions, legal entities and regulatory bodies, predominantly from the US and Europe. 

Fintech Week London

10–14 June 2024, London

A whole week of fintech-focused events culminates with a flagship conference on 13 June at the Park Plaza Victoria. This extensive event covers various topics, including embedded finance, artificial intelligence in finance, insuretech, payment technologies, ESG considerations and the role of fintech in societal good. Fintech Week London is set to attract over 1000 senior decision-makers from various influential organisations, including leading fintech companies, banks, investment firms, regulatory bodies, media outlets and service providers. More than 120 speakers contribute to a dynamic agenda featuring keynote presentations and interactive panel debates. Additionally, workshops and roundtable discussions are held to facilitate deeper exploration of the topics. 

Identity Week Europe

11–12 June 2024, Amsterdam

Hosted at the RAI Exhibition Centre, Identity Week Europe is a two-day event organised by Terrapinn. This event is dedicated to “Identity and Trust for Government, Enterprise, and Partners”. Over the past 17 years, Identity Week Europe has been an essential annual gathering, bringing together thousands of professionals who specialise in identity across various sectors. These sectors encompass finance, government, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, travel and social media. As the leading exhibition in its field, Identity Week Europe is the go-to place for solutions related to secure credentials, biometrics, identity and access management, authentication, verification, border control, fraud prevention and more. The event boasts a lineup of over 70 speakers, featuring experts from European and Dutch institutions, global brands, and banks. Identity Week Europe offers a premium conference experience alongside a free-to-attend exhibition, making it accessible to a wide range of professionals interested in the latest advancements in identity and trust technologies. 

EBAday 2024

18–19 June 2024, Lisbon

This two-day conference at the Lisbon Congress Centre delves into essential topics such as Banking as a Service (BaaS), advancements in next-generation banking, intricacies of cross-border payments, regulatory shifts and cash management strategies. EBAday is set to attract over 1400 senior industry professionals from around 45 countries, offering a global perspective on the payments sector. The event also features a strong presence of over 80 innovative sponsors and fintech firms. With a lineup of 110 expert speakers and panellists, the summit promises a comprehensive exploration of current and future industry trends. A highlight of EBAday is the dedicated Fintech Zone. In this exhibition space, global fintechs can network and present their products to an elite audience, including payment heads, innovation leaders and other top banking executives. 

Banking Transformation Summit

19–20 June 2024, London

This summit at London's ExCel focuses on the ongoing transformation in the banking sector, a subject of great importance for traditional financial institutions and neobanks. This two-day conference is designed to assess the impact of digital transformation on banking, exploring areas such as fintech collaborations, payment innovations, open banking and embedded finance. Featuring 180 industry-leading speakers, the Banking Transformation Summit brings together over 120 banks, 90 wealth management firms and 100 insurance companies. The agenda includes a dynamic mix of panel discussions, keynote speeches, product demos and 60 roundtable sessions. This summit is co-located with three other significant events: the Wealth Transformation Summit, Lending Transformation Summit, and Insurance Transformation Summit

CDAO Financial Services and Insurance 

10–11 September 2024, London

This two-day event focuses on data security, artificial intelligence and digital transformation, specifically targeting the financial services and insurance sectors. The CDAO Financial Services and Insurance conference features over 40 speakers who explore crucial topics such as data collection practices, data ethics and the role of AI in the industry. The conference's format includes a variety of interactive panel discussions, roundtable sessions and Q&A opportunities with the speakers, fostering a dynamic and engaging environment for attendees. This event is an excellent opportunity for professionals to meet and network with the data and analytics community from the financial services industry, sharing insights and learning from peers about the latest trends and challenges in data management and digital transformation. 

Seamless Europe

10–11 September 2024, Munich

This two-day conference, organised by Terapinn, boasts an impressive lineup of over 400 speakers. Accompanying the conference is a free exhibition featuring over 200 exhibitors. This event is a convergence point for the brightest minds in e-commerce, retail, payments, and fintech from across Europe. Seamless Europe covers hot topics, including the future of digital banking, digital identity, fraud and cybersecurity, payments and digital insurance. At the event, you can meet representatives from various banks and retailers, making it an ideal networking platform for professionals in digital banking, cybersecurity and other fintech areas.

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