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Business Payroll


Every company requires a payroll process to pay their employees. As businesses become more global their payrolls also become more global.

Using Airwallex’s Convert and Pay product, businesses are able to pay their employees around the world using simple API integrations.

  1. A global business Singapore is looking to pay their employees around the world on a specified date.
  2. The business will make a deposit into their Airwallex wallet in SGD (their local currency).
  3. Using our payout APIs API, the business can define the employee’s payment details including the amount and payout currency. They will select the source currency to be their local currency.
  4. Where the payout currency is different to the selected source currency, a FX conversion will take place alongside the payout transaction.
  5. Once executed, Airwallex will payout to the beneficiaries on the specified date in the employees local currency.

Business Payroll [FX-SVG]