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This use case helps you cover all the scenarios in which you aim to complete a one-off transaction with your customer. Alternatively, you can leverage this scenario when you have not collected any payment details of your customer and the order checkout has to be started introducing all the payment details every time.

Once you have selected your preferred integration, these are the steps that you need to follow are:

  1. Create a Payment Intent (this represents the Customer checkout session).
  2. Collect the customer Payment details (the exact way that this will happen depends on your integration).
  3. Request the payment confirmation by submitting the Payment details (depending on your integration the detail submission may vary). Upon successful response, Your funds will be reserved for you, and you can ship your goods.
  4. Display an order success page.
  5. Capture the reserved funds upon shipment of the merchandise (or when the service is rendered). Only at this point you will receive the funds.

After this stage, the funds will be collected by Airwallex from the Issuer and they will be deposited in your account following the settlement schedule.