Fast, programmatic international and domestic payouts

Make faster, more cost-effective automated payouts across the globe with the full amount on delivery guaranteed.

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Secure global payouts, made local

With a single Airwallex integration, you can reliably move funds internationally via Airwallex’s vast and growing Payout network, which supports both SWIFT and high-speed local transfers, as well as instant transfers to other Airwallex accounts.

Seamless payouts to bank accounts worldwide

Send payouts in 60+ currencies from your Airwallex Wallet or Linked Accounts to external bank accounts globally.

Fast local payouts to 120+ countries and regions

Have payments received in as little as one business day with the full amount on delivery guaranteed.

SWIFT payouts to 150+ countries and regions

Automate payments to suppliers, employees, and other business partners all around the world.

Instant payouts to other Airwallex account holders

Transfer funds instantly from your Airwallex Wallet to other Airwallex accounts.

Access to market-leading FX rates 24x7

Convert funds at interbank FX rates if you lack the sufficient currency balance in your multi-currency wallet.

Flexible payout options to help you scale

You have full control over how you want to integrate with your internal systems or customer-facing products and when you want to release payouts. Easily reduce failure rates and costly errors by validating beneficiaries and payout details before creating payouts.

Integration Methods

Choose the integration method that’s right for you

Integrate with minimal coding using our pre-built elements or build directly via our API in the back end for added control.

Embedded components

Improve speed to market and reduce developer efforts by integrating our pre-built elements into your own payout flow.

API and form schema

Incorporate Airwallex’s dynamic beneficiary schema to programmatically retrieve required fields, validation rules, and recommended UI components specific to each payout scenario.

Native API

Gain full control and customisation of your payout flow by creating payouts directly using our Payout API endpoints.

Automation and Efficiency

Automate your internal financial operations

Minimise human errors and improve efficiency

Reduce data entry mistakes caused by manual processes, and automatically deploy thousands of payouts per second.

Save with smart auto-routing

Automatically deliver funds more quickly and with fewer intermediary banks taking an unnecessary cut.

Track transactions and get notified

Track the statuses of your payouts by subscribing to webhook events and stay on top of any potential errors.

Take the pain out of reconciliation

Integrate Airwallex with your finance systems to programmatically collect payout information and fund, create, and track payouts.

Common Global Use Cases

A variety of first-party and third-party use cases

Optimise your domestic and international transfers or develop and monetise your own payouts products.

Simplify your supplier and freelancer payments

Integrate Airwallex with your central finance systems to automate your accounts payable process and pay local and global invoices.

Streamline your global payroll

Integrate Airwallex with your ERP system to pay employee salaries and reimbursements around the world.

Power global marketplace payouts

Make global payouts to your marketplace’s sellers or creators using our infrastructure, regardless of whether you use Airwallex as your PSP.

Build your own customer-facing payouts products

Develop your own web or mobile product experience that involves helping your customers make payouts and withdrawals.


Make instant payouts to other Airwallex accounts

Avoid wasted time and costly FX fees

Programmatically deliver instant payouts to other Airwallex accounts. Eliminate costly conversion fees with like-for-like settlement when funds move between multi-currency wallets.

Easily collect required beneficiary information

Use OAuth to allow your beneficiary to grant your application permission to access its Airwallex account name and number or ask your beneficiary to manually provide you with information.

Streamline marketplace payouts

Enable your marketplace to make instant and cost-effective payouts to the fast-growing number of global sellers who also have Airwallex accounts.

global treasury

End-to-end global money movement for platforms

Enable your platform to collect, store, convert, and disburse funds globally, including making payouts via card issuing. Programmatically create connected accounts, streamline onboarding and compliance, benefit from fast and cost-effective local collections and payouts, and automate Batch Payments via our API.

For Developers

Designed for developers, by developers.

Best-in-class developer tools

Integrate in a fraction of the time with our high-quality developer capabilities, libraries, and APIs.

Complex use cases made easy

Our comprehensive APIs and proprietary financial infrastructure can be tailored to suit your most complex requirements, all supported by our world-class technical teams.

Accelerated integrations

We’ve partnered with the likes of Shopify, Xero, and NetSuite to engineer prebuilt integrations to help you get started quickly.

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