Pay anywhere, anytime with Borderless Cards

Create virtual employee and company cards for your business in a matter of minutes. Coming soon to New Zealand.

Instant Virtual Visa Debit Cards

Empower your team with corporate cards, without the overhead

Airwallex Virtual Debit Cards

Create employee cards in minutes

Set your team up with dedicated logins and cards in a few clicks, with no branch visits needed.

Available in real-time

Virtual cards are activated instantly so you can make necessary purchases right away with Apple Pay or Google Pay™.

Manage your cards online

Create, freeze or cancel corporate cards in minutes to protect your business funds.

Airwallex Virtual Debit Cards

Regain control and visibility of team budgets and software subscriptions

virtual debit card transactions

Virtual cards that scale with you

Create a dedicated virtual card for each expense category or subscription to better track, manage or freeze spend.

Flexible limits for each card

Set flexible daily, monthly or transaction limits to help your team track to budget and limit risk of unexpected purchases.

Real-time visibility of global expenses

Sync expenses into Xero, including who made the transaction and where.

virtual debit card transactions

Eliminate hidden fees on your international card spend

Multi-currency card transactions

0% international card transaction fees

No more surprise foreign transaction fees on expenses like software subscriptions or marketing. Reinvest every dollar back into growth.

Pay directly with your multi-currency balance

Expenses are charged directly from your multi-currency wallet, eliminating unnecessary FX conversions where possible.

Auto-convert at our best FX rates for international card transactions

Even when you don’t have the needed currency balance, we automatically convert your funds at our market-leading FX rates.

Multi-currency card transactions

Xero Integration

Make bookkeeping a breeze

bank feeds showing payments reconciling into Xero

Quick and easy integration

Link your Airwallex and Xero accounts in just a few clicks.

Multi-currency transaction syncing

Automatically sync your multi-currency Airwallex transactions to Xero, alleviating tedious data entry.

Syncs hourly

Ensure your Xero transaction records are up to date for your accountant or bookkeeper.

bank feeds showing payments reconciling into Xero

What is a multi-currency card?

Airwallex multi currency cards

A multi currency card is a debit card that allows the user to make payments in multiple foreign currencies from held balances in an associated account. It can be used to pay for goods and services anywhere traditional credit and debit cards are accepted, both online and in store.

Airwallex Borderless Cards are issued by Visa and so can be used anywhere Visa payments are accepted.

Airwallex multi currency cards

Customer story

Clipchamp empower their fast-growing, global teams with Airwallex

The finance team now has real-time visibility of global employee expenses in a single place, synced directly with their Xero account. Setting up new employee cards, with dedicated limits and logins now happens in minutes, not days. On top of that, Clipchamp saves over $1,500 each month on their cloud and subscription spend with 0% international card transaction fees.


faster setup for new employees with cards

Airwallex products used

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