How DTC eCommerce brand, Linjer, saved more than HKD$78,000 in FX fees

Learn how Linjer uses Airwallex’s multi-currency business account and corporate cards to save on FX.

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saved in a few months from currency conversion fees on global expenses


savings on SaaS such as Shopify and others

10+ hours

saved per month from simplified processes

Linjer is an eCommerce company based in Hong Kong. They make sustainably-made jewelry, bags and watches without the luxury markup.

Company size

10 - 50 employees


Hong Kong, Singapore


Startup, Social Commerce

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Nowadays, there are many direct-to-consumers affordable, high-quality fashion brands. But in 2014, it's either fast fashion or luxury brands. Jennifer Chong and Roman Khan, then-couple, now husband-and-wife, created Linjer to solve this problem. They create products of the same quality as luxury brands, and sell directly to customers online, without the high markup. They started off with just US$20k savings and crowdfunding. And in the first 14 months, they hit US$1 million in sales.

Jennifer Chong

CEO of Linjer

"I’m so thankful that Airwallex exists! In Hong Kong, it's so hard to find financial service providers that are friendly to small businesses. Airwallex allows me to exchange currencies at really great rates, and the interface is very modern and easy to use compared to my bank. We save so much money with Airwallex! In just a few months, we've already saved more than HKD$78,000 in unnecessary bank fees!"


  1. In just a few months, Airwallex helped Linjer to save more than HKD$78,000 in unnecessary FX and international transfer fees.

  2. Airwallex's VISA Multi-currency Card has great FX rates and it helps Linjer's CEO to save time on expense reimbursement.

Challenges: High FX and transfer fees by bank and PayPal

Before using Airwallex, Linjer made international transfers to their overseas suppliers using bank transfer and PayPal. Their bank and PayPal charge costly fees for foreign exchange. Each bank international transfer costs HKD 120 per transfer.

Other than international transfer, they were using their bank's credit cards to purchase items online. When it comes to purchases in foreign currencies, banks usually charge a 3-4% markup on top of the prevailing FX rate determined by Visa/MasterCard. In order to avoid the high fees by the bank, their employees will use their personal credit cards for purchases to get better FX rates. Afterwards, their employees will get reimbursed.

Solution & Results: How Airwallex international transfers and cards help Linjer save HKD78,000 FX fees

Airwallex helps Linjer to exchange currencies at market-leading rates. And make international transfers for a fraction of the price of a wire transfer or PayPal transfer. Their recipients of the transfers are very satisfied too, because they aren't charged with any incoming wire fees. Typically, businesses will go through the SWIFT network for international transfer via the banks, and there might be a fee incurred on the recipient's end.

Jennifer Chong

CEO of Linjer

"In just a few months we've already saved more than HKD$78,000 in unnecessary bank fees!"

Linjer also uses Airwallex's VISA Multi-currency card for online purchases in any currency. There are zero transaction fees on international card payments. Apart from cost saving, this also helps Jennifer to empower her team easily to make purchases without a long, tedious process. She said that this is "not how she wants to spend her time". 


Airwallex Testimony
Gavin Black

PURE Group 首席財務官

Airwallex Testimony
在香港很難找到支持中小企的金融服務供應商,我十分感恩能遇上Airwellex。相比傳統銀行,Airwellex 讓我以市場領先的匯率兌換貨幣。Airwellex的網上介面亦非常現代化及清晰易用。 感謝Airwallex 替我們節省了很多不必要的銀行及海外轉賬開支。在短短幾個月,我們已透過Airwellex節省了超過$78,000港幣的費用!
Jennifer Chong

Linjer 行政總裁

Airwallex Testimony
Airwallex 改變了我們對銀行業務的需求。作為一家正蓬勃發展的初創企業,我們需要一個有擴展性、同時具成本效益的批量支付解決方案來支付我們香港境內外的員工和供應商。Airwallex 以接近零的交易費用和領先市場的外匯匯率,幫助我們在每筆銀行轉賬中節省金錢。我們亦有使用 Airwallex 的多幣虛擬Visa卡,支付所有 SaaS 訂閱開支,以避免極難發現的隱藏銀行費用。我們強烈推薦初創開始使用 Airwallex。
Henson Tsai

SleekFlow 創辦人

Airwallex Testimony
Airwallex 為我們提供靈活、更能節省成本的國際資金流動方案。我們目前正利用 Airwallex 向國際供應商付款,與傳統銀行相比,Airwallex能節省高達90%的交易費用和外匯差額 —— 全歸功於他們具競爭力的匯率和低交易成本。
Kelvin Kan

Homemakase 創辦人

Airwallex Testimony
Airwallex 的全球支付解決方案幫助我們節省國際交易費用和換匯成本,促進我們推動經期健康普及化,成就更健康身體和地球的使命。
Becks Bradley

LUÜNA naturals 銷售及市場總監

Airwallex Testimony
Airwallex 對我們的團隊來說非常有幫助。相比起我們之前透過匯豐銀行進行交易時,Airwallex 的網上平台簡單易用,非常直接,令支付和轉帳變得更容易,為我們節省大量時間。最重要的是,我們可以透過用 Airwallex 轉帳節省成本。在短時間內,我們已經節省了數千美元。除此之外,Airwallex的支援團隊亦十分有效率,面對任何問題都能及時提供解決辦法。
Sarah Chang

Forkast.News 聯合創辦人及營運總監

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