Programmatically make payouts across the globe

Leverage Airwallex’s comprehensive global payment network to make fast, cost-effective payouts.

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Automate payout flows across your business


Automatically release payments to users exchanging goods and services on your platform.


Make payments to suppliers by integrating our Payouts API with your vendor management system.


Simplify your international payroll and expense reimbursement by connecting Airwallex to your internal systems.


Payout capability that scales alongside your business

Global by nature

Process domestic and international payments in over 30 currencies and 130+ countries

Fast and cost-effective

Deliver funds quicker, and with fewer intermediary banks taking a cut, with our smart, auto-routing payment technology.

Minimise human error

Reduce data entry mistakes caused by manual processes, such as bounced payments due to incorrect bank details.

Automate your payout workflows

Developer first

Integrate and launch our Payouts API in hours, not weeks or months. We're continually making enhancements, enabling your business with greater flexibility and control.

Enterprise-grade scale

Send up to thousands of payments per second without additional effort.

Integrate and iterate

Seamlessly integrate our API with your existing financial systems to streamline your payout workflows.

Start streamlining your financial operations

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