Fintech events not to miss in London and the rest of the UK in 2024

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Fintech events not to miss in London and the rest of the UK in 2024
Overview of the biggest fintech events in the UK

As one of Europe’s most established fintech countries, the UK is home to some of the world’s biggest fintech summits and conferences. In 2024, there will again be over a dozen major international fintech events in London. Smaller gatherings in the country’s main cities will also celebrate local companies, sub-industries and ecosystems. 

As a global financial platform used by more than 100,000 customers worldwide, including a significant number of UK businesses, we’re sharing this handy list of important UK fintech events to help local entrepreneurs reach their global ambitions. We’ll see you there!

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Payments Regulation and Innovation Summit

25 January 2024, Central London

This Summit by Innovate Finance offers a unique forum for regulators, financial institutions, pioneering payment providers, infrastructure services and their advisors. It’s an excellent opportunity to engage with the forefront of regulatory and innovative trends in the payment sector. The agenda at the Payments Regulation and Innovation Summit includes Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud, cryptocurrency, embedded finance, the evolving role of digital currencies in payment systems, advancements in open banking and finance, and the transformative impacts of AI and quantum computing. The summit boasts a lineup of 14 esteemed speakers, all experts in the payment industry. 

Fintech West - South Coast Showcase

31 January 2024, Bournemouth

South Coast Showcase is dedicated to exploring and celebrating the burgeoning fintech ecosystem in Dorset. Organised by Fintech West in collaboration with Bournemouth University, this event serves as a unique convergence for fintech professionals and enthusiasts from the South Coast and the South West regions. The morning session promises to be an enlightening experience, featuring insightful talks about the Dorset fintech ecosystem. Additionally, there will be presentations from various fintech companies, highlighting their latest innovations and contributions to the industry. The event also offers a platform for showcasing local organisations actively involved in fintech. The South Coast Showcase is an ideal opportunity to network, exchange ideas and foster collaborations with fintech professionals and enthusiasts from the region.

Digital Insurance Summit 

7–8 February 2024, London

Hosted at the prestigious Hurlingham Club, this two-day event dives into the changing landscape of digital insurance. The event features a single stage hosting over 40 speakers from leading European insurance companies. There are numerous chances to network, participate in exclusive workshops and engage in roundtable discussions. The Digital Insurance Summit offers a prime opportunity for digital, innovation, customer and IT leaders from Europe's top insurers to explore how technology is reshaping the insurance sector.

Manchester FinTech Mixer 

27 February 2024, Manchester

The Manchester FinTech Mixer, hosted at the Manchester Technology Centre by FinTech North in partnership with Bruntwood SciTech, is not just a networking opportunity and a look into the lively Manchester fintech scene. This mixer is an invaluable chance for senior managers and C-level executives to align with the pulse of innovation, collaboration and strategic growth of Manchester’s diverse and vibrant community.

Finovate Europe 

27–28 February 2024, London

Held at the O2, Finovate Europe is a must-attend event for finance professionals. Attendees get an in-depth look at digital transformation in financial services from various perspectives. Finovate Europe features over 100 speakers, delivering insights through keynotes, dynamic panels and fireside chats. In addition, there are over 35 live fintech demonstrations. A highlight of this event is the opportunity for curated one-on-one meetings, offering valuable interactions with a select audience of over a thousand leaders from the world’s top financial institutions. Therefore, Finovate Europe claims to receive “fintech’s most senior audience”.

MoneyLive Summit

6–7 March 2024, London

Set in the QEII Centre, this two-day event focuses on the latest trends in banking and payments. It’s a must-attend fintech event for executives interested in consumer behaviour shifts and the future of money. The MoneyLive Summit brings together over 150 speakers, including CEOs of leading global banks. The discussions, spanning five stages, cover topics like payment innovations, open finance and digital currencies. This summit offers an excellent opportunity to engage with top executives from well-known banks, leading fintech firms, regulatory authorities and superapps.

Newcastle FinTech Forum 

7 March 2024, Newcastle

The Newcastle FinTech Forum at One Strawberry Lane is a collaborative effort between FinTech North, the Innovation SuperNetwork and Internet of Caring Things. Centred around the theme "FinTech for Good", this forum explores how fintech can positively impact society and contribute to the broader good. A highlight of the event is the popular showcase segment which exhibits fintech innovations. This segment is particularly notable for its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within the sector. It offers fintech companies of all sizes a valuable opportunity to present their stories, achievements and aspirations. Additionally, the forum provides an excellent networking opportunity for fintech professionals and enthusiasts from the North East to connect, exchange ideas and build relationships. 

Financial Cloud Summit 

7 March 2024, London

Taking place at King's Place, this one-day summit is a prime opportunity to explore the impact of cloud technology in financial services. The event focuses on three critical aspects of cloud technology application: strategy development, migration processes and optimisation techniques. With practical insights and strategies to bridge gaps in cloud technology, the Financial Cloud Summit is an ideal forum for leaders in banking, payments and fintech to discuss practical ways for transitioning to cloud-based solutions. 

FTT Lending & Future Identity Finance 

19 March 2024, London

Hosted together at etc.venues St Paul’s, FTT Lending and Future Identity Finance are world-class events in the lending and financial identity sectors. With one ticket granting access to both events, attendees have a unique opportunity to learn about the future of lending and digital identity for financial services. FTT Lending boasts over 90 speakers across two stages, delving into vital topics such as regulation, borrower behaviour and new lending types. Meanwhile, Future Identity Finance features 45 speakers, focusing on identity in finance, user experience and fraud. These events are perfect networking platforms with over 500 attendees, including professionals from retail, corporate banks, insurers, lenders, regulators and tech innovators.


19–20 March 2024, London

At London's ExCel Centre, Pay360 offers an essential platform for those in the payments sector to navigate the evolving world of payment systems. The event features over 120 expert speakers and more than 150 exhibitors. Pay360's agenda is thoughtfully structured: day one focuses on the future of consumer payments, while day two delves into business payment solutions. Attendees can participate in detailed discussions, panel debates, keynotes, interactive workshops and fireside chats on key topics like regulation, financial inclusion, merchant payments and open banking. This event is a prime networking hub, uniting over 4000 professionals from diverse payment industry areas. While the exhibition is open to all visitors, the conference sessions are exclusive to ticket holders.

Liverpool Conference 

28 March 2024, Liverpool

The Liverpool Conference, hosted at the Yoko Ono Lennon Centre by FinTech North, showcases Liverpool's growing FinTech ecosystem. This conference is an essential platform for illuminating the city's role in the regional and national fintech sector. It offers a unique opportunity to engage with the cutting-edge of fintech, specifically tailored to the evolving landscape of Liverpool's financial technology sector.

Innovate Finance Global Summit (IFGS)

15–16 April 2024, London

The Innovate Finance Global Summit, held at The Guildhall in London, is a leading event in the fintech world, fostering international collaboration and leadership. Over two days, this summit offers insights across three main stages dedicated to exploring fintech innovation, its impact across industries and the risks and opportunities in this rapidly changing sector. While the detailed agenda is still forthcoming, participants may expect a thorough exploration of current and future fintech trends. In addition to the insightful discussions, The Innovate Finance Global Summit features an exhibition hall showcasing the best of UK fintech. It also provides various networking opportunities, including one-to-one meetings, focused roundtables, networking drinks and a demo area. This summit is an exceptional opportunity for fintech professionals to connect with key industry stakeholders, influential journalists and government representatives.

Fintech Marketing Conference

23 April 2024, London

The FinTech B2B Marketing Conference at the Leonardo Royal Hotel focuses on the future of financial services and technology marketing. It features top experts and over 450 senior industry peers, offering insights into innovative customer acquisition and retention strategies, enhanced operational efficiency, advanced marketing automation and ways to reduce marketing costs. This conference is an essential platform for FinTech marketing professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of industry trends and innovations.

AI in Finance Summit 

25-26 April 2024, London

The AI in Finance Summit, a two-day event hosted by Re-work, delves deep into varied uses of AI and machine learning in banking and financial services. With over 20 speakers, including top data science engineers from major banks, the AI in Finance Summit promises rich insights and discussions about the intersection of AI and finance. Attendees will include industry leaders, pioneering technologists, data scientists and founders leading the change in AI and machine learning.

ePay Summit Europe

21 May 2024, London

The ePay Summit Europe focuses on the latest trends and developments in eCommerce payments. It's an ideal event for eCommerce professionals, business owners and those interested in payment trends. The ePay Summit Europe offers a platform for experts to network, share insights and discover innovations in the payments industry. It also includes panel sessions, one-on-one pre-booked meetings and a drinks reception, making it a valuable networking opportunity for those in the e-commerce and payments sectors.

FTT Embedded Finance & Superapps

21 May 2024, London

FTT Embedded Finance & Superapps, held for a single day at etc.venues Bishopsgate, delves into critical themes such as the impact of financial services provided by non-traditional financial entities. It features expert speakers discussing the benefits of integrating these products and services into novel channels and debating the increasing necessity of superapps. The event also tackles the challenges of embedding financial services and the technologies that facilitate this, extending beyond payments, insurance and wealth management. Attendees gain access to two simultaneous events: Customer Alpha Europe and Future Identity Customer. Customer Alpha Europe boasts over 150 speakers focusing on customer experiences, data and cutting-edge technologies. On the other hand, Future Identity Customer convenes 50 speakers and showcases a technology expo emphasising topics like transaction monitoring and fraud prevention. These events, uniting CEOs, CFOs, payment heads and identity directors from banks, fintech and superapps, present an unparalleled networking platform for finance professionals.

Fintech Week London

10–14 June 2024, London

Fintech Week London concludes a week of fintech-focused events with its main conference on June 13 at Park Plaza Victoria. This comprehensive fintech conference spans a variety of topics, including embedded finance, AI in finance, insuretech, payment technologies, ESG and the role of fintech in promoting societal good. Fintech Week London is expected to draw over 1000 senior decision-makers from influential organisations such as leading fintech companies, banks, investment firms, regulatory bodies, media and service providers. Over 120 speakers will contribute to a dynamic programme featuring keynotes and interactive panel debates. The event also includes workshops and roundtable discussions for deeper exploration of these topics.

Banking Transformation Summit

19–20 June 2024, London

The Banking Transformation Summit, held at London's ExCel, is a pivotal two-day conference centred on the evolving landscape in the banking sector, crucial for both traditional financial institutions and neobanks. It aims to evaluate the effects of digital transformation in banking, delving into areas like fintech partnerships, payment innovations, open banking and embedded finance. The Banking Transformation Summit features 180 leading industry speakers and unites participants from over 120 banks, 90 wealth management firms and 100 insurance companies. Its agenda packs a variety of formats, including panel discussions, keynote addresses, product demonstrations and 60 roundtable sessions. This summit coincides with three other top-tier events: the Wealth Transformation Summit, Lending Transformation Summit, and Insurance Transformation Summit, offering a comprehensive overview of the financial industry's transformation.

CDAO Financial Services and Insurance 

10–11 September 2024, London

The CDAO Financial Services and Insurance conference is a two-day event focusing on fast-changing areas like data security, artificial intelligence and digital transformation. The CDAO Financial Services and Insurance conference boasts over 40 speakers who delve into essential topics such as data collection practices, data ethics and the role of AI within the industry. It fosters engagement and interaction, featuring a mix of panel discussions, roundtable sessions and Q&A opportunities with the speakers. It’s an excellent platform for professionals to connect and engage with the data and analytics community within the financial services sector.

Edinburgh Financial Technology Summit

25 September 2024, Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Financial Technology Summit at Dynamic Earth focuses on the impact of financial innovation on socio-economic recovery. Amidst market volatility, the summit explores the evolution of financial technology, addressing significant trends, challenges and market disruptions. Key discussions revolve around fintech’s potential to assist in managing the cost of living crisis and contribute to national recovery. Topics include the broader financial landscape, customer strategies, emerging technologies, regulations and infrastructure. This summit is an ideal opportunity to network with fintech professionals across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Other UK Fintech Events later in the year

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